Saturday, May 21, 2022


Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, defense secretary under 2 presidents, oversaw the Iraq war,...

Donald Rumsfeld, the two-time defense secretary and one-time presidential candidate whose reputation as a skilled bureaucrat and visionary of a modern U.S. military was soiled by the long and costly Iraq War, has died, his family said in a statement. He was 88.

Hungry ELEPHANT crashes through a kitchen wall in search of snacks in Thailand

A Thai woman had an unexpected 'guest' in her house in the middle of the night last weekend -- a wild Asian elephant.

Radioactive hybrid species of WILD BOAR and DOMESTICATED PIGS have taken over Japan’s nuclear...

A hybrid species of domestic pigs and wild boar have been causing havoc around Fukushima, which Japanese scientists have discovered by surprise while investigating the effects of radiation on animals.

VIDEO: Epic ‘Kingsnake VS Copperhead’ battle in Alabama yard. One of them gets swallowed...

It happened in Camden, Alabama, and a video of the snake fight was posted on Facebook by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. “This is what happens when you bring a copperhead to a kingsnake fight,” the Alabama state agency wrote.

A man from Maine tried to post $200 bail with counterfeit bills

A man in Maine tried to post $200 bail with counterfeit bills, according to the sheriff’s office.

Good Samaritan Kayaker Cleaning Alum Creek Lake in Ohio Finds Human Remains

Ohio police say that Kayaker picking up trash spots plastic bin — with a human leg inside.

A Massachusetts man drowns his own father while “baptizing” him in pond exorcism

News reports coming out of Massachusetts say that a man has been arrested for having killed his father in a pond in an attempt to exorcise his alcoholic dad’s demons through baptism.

Texas father REPEATEDLY shoots intoxicated PEEPING TOM who was allegedly caught looking in daughter’s...

A father shot a man who he claims was peeping into his young daughter’s window in Harris County, Texas late Sunday night.

Defanged and Declawed LION Seized By Authorities From Home After Owner Tried To Turn...

Cambodian police officers have seized a defanged and declawed 'pet' lion that appeared in several TikTok videos taken at a villa in Phnom Penh.

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Woman wanted for hissing and biting 86-year-old man in his home, HPD says

Houston-area authorities are searching for a woman who reportedly hissed and bit an elderly man in his home.

A raised subway track has collapsed in Mexico City, plunging train carriages with passengers...

An overpass for Mexico City’s metro partially collapsed with train cars on it on Monday night, videos on Mexican television and social media showed, although it was not immediately clear if there were injuries or any fatalities.

Charges are dropped for hundreds of alleged looters in New York City

"I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side," said Jessica Betancourt, whose Bronx eyeglass shop was looted last June.

DEAF Black woman detained, handcuffed by police as crying daughters asked to interpret

Andrea Hollingsworth, a deaf Black woman, was forcibly handcuffed by police as her 11-year-old twin daughters panicked and tried interpreting for the officers. She says her daughters are the only reason she's alive.

Bowling Green State University student in critical condition after an alleged fraternity hazing incident

A Bowling Green State University student is in critical condition after an alleged hazing incident involving alcohol.

“I’m literally dying! I didn’t do anything immoral to deserve all this.”; Egyptian court...

Egyptian police on Tuesday arrested a Tiktok star who has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for her posts on social media.

Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

Aged 118, the world’s oldest living person will carry the Olympic flame in Japan

Kane Tanaka of Japan is a rare supercentenarian, or person above the age of 110 who will be THE oldest torch bearer for the upcoming Olympics in May 2021.

Popular High School Teacher Killed in ‘Old Western Shootout’ After Attempting to Rob a...

Basketball coach and father of three Barney Dale Harris is believed to have broken into the residence at a mobile home park in Green Level, North Carolina, to steal drugs and money

Barra Airport in Scotland is unique, it’s the only commercial airport in the WORLD...

Barra Airport is the only airport in the world where scheduled flights land on a beach

CALIFORNIA: Lamborghini driver, 17, is FINALLY charged for killing secretary, 32, two months ago...

Lamborghini driver, 17, whose dad bought him $500k supercar for birthday arrested as woman killed in high-speed crash

Woman Arrested After She Disfigured a Man’s Nose While Pretending to Be a Plastic...

A Florida woman who claimed to be a licensed plastic surgeon was arrested Thursday after a man claimed his face was disfigured after she performed nose surgery on him, police said.

Iowa town of 3,000 is evacuated after train carrying fertilizer and ammonium nitrate derails...

Thick black smoke billowed into the air Sunday after a train derailed in northwest Iowa, prompting authorities to evacuate part of a small, nearby town.

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s father dies in hit-and-run, police say

Rapper Nicki Minaj's father has died in a hit-and-run accident, police said. Robert Maraj, 64, was walking in Mineola, Long Island, on Friday at 6:15 p.m. when he was "was struck by a northbound, undescribed, vehicle that left the scene of the accident.

Two spring breakers arrested for allegedly drugging, raping woman who later died in Miami...

Two North Carolina men drugged a Pennsylvania woman in Miami, then held her up by the neck so she could stand. They then walked her like that into her hotel room, where they raped and robbed her, then left her to die.