Saturday, June 12, 2021


Some dumbass keeps abandoning chihuahuas around southwest Missouri

At least 50 chihuahuas have been found abandoned throughout southwest Missouri and parts of Arkansas, prompting animal control officials to try and find whoever is dumping the dogs.

Man arrested in connection to the murder of Kyle Craig, who was buying an...

A man from Ocean Springs, Mississippi was found dead last week after planning to meet up with a seller from Facebook Marketplace. His suspected killer has just been caught.

Arby’s mega-moronic employee fired for writing homophobic slur on couple’s receipt

The employee was fired "within minutes" of the exchange, an Arby's spokesperson said, but the couple wants more action taken.

$15M awarded to five people who lost eggs, embryos at fertility clinic in a...

A 2018 tank failure at the Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco destroyed about 3,500 frozen eggs and embryos.

China “punishes” 27 officials after government-run ultramarathon kills 21 participants

Twenty-one people were killed after hail, freezing rain and high winds hit runners taking part in a 100km (62-mile) cross-country mountain race in China. Those "responsible" for that fiasco have been "punished".

After her arrest, she found her explicit photos forwarded to a strange number: Minnesota...

Minnesota State Trooper Albert Kuehne sat in his cruiser in March 2020 and scrolled through a phone belonging to a 25-year-old woman he’d just detained on suspicion of drunken driving. As paramedics evaluated the woman, who had crashed her car, he clicked through her photos.

Michigan firefighters, animal rescue workers save baby raccoon stuck in sewer cover

Thanks to the help of some firefighters in Michigan, a baby raccoon was rescued after it got its head stuck in a sewer cover.

‘I’m done, I’m dead’: Massachusetts lobster diver miraculously SURVIVES being SWALLOWED by humpback whale...

In what is an exceedingly rare incident, a commercial lobster diver was seriously injured Friday morning when he was caught in the mouth of a humpback whale feeding near a beach, his sister said.

Soldier with a swastika tattooed on his testicle is jailed for 19 months for...

An Austrian soldier has been jailed for 19 months after getting a swastika tattooed on his testicle.

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Woman who died in freak carpark accident was almost three times the drink driving...

Victoria, 23, died in an unimaginable accident in a carpark in January – and now details of her freak death have been revealed by a coroner.

Samsung’s Lee Family To Pay More Than 12 Trillion Won Inheritance Taxes

The Lee family's handling of the hefty inheritance tax bill - one of the largest ever in both Korea and globally - had been closely watched as it could have resulted in the dilution of the family's controlling stake in Samsung.

Bank of America employee accused of stealing nude photos from customer’s phone

A former Bank of America employee is being accused of stealing a customer's private photos from her phone while pretending to help her access her account.

Kangaroo painted over 17,000 years ago is Australia’s oldest known rock art, scientists say

Scientists site oldest known rock art in Australia is of Kangaroo that was painted over 17,000 years ago.

Seven ‘Love Has Won’ cult members are arrested after mummified corpse of their leader...

“Love Has Won” cult leader found mummified, wrapped in Christmas lights; 7 members charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse

Six staff are charged with sexually abusing 11 children at same New Hampshire youth...

Six former staffers at New Hampshire's state-run youth detention center were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the sexual abuse of 11 children over the course of a decade after more than 200 alleged victims filed a lawsuit last year.

‘If anything happens to me, it would be Larry’: Family of Maya Millette reveal...

'If anything happens to me, it would be Larry': Family of Maya Millette reveal the missing mom-of-three's chilling warning about her husband just days before she vanished and that he sent them photo of bloody ALTAR with a picture of her

Geologist Beaten up by ‘Angriest Octopus’ at Australian Beach, Left With Sting Marks

A man has been whipped by what he described as the "angriest octopus" while swimming on holiday at a Western Australian beach.

Scientists unlock the ‘Cosmos’ on the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s first computer

First discovered in a Roman-era shipwreck by Greek sponge divers in 1900, the fragments of a shoebox-size contraption, once filled with gears and used to predict the movements of heavenly bodies, has both baffled and amazed generations of researchers ever since.

Texas pharmacy owner charged in $134 million fraud scheme that paid for fancy cars,...

A Houston pharmacy owner and his accountant were arrested Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud to the tune of $134M. Mohamed Mokbel, 56, owns several Houston-area pharmacies and is CEO of their parent company, 4M Pharmaceuticals, according to records. The indictment alleges that from late 2013 through March of 2020, 4M pharmacies collectively received millions of dollars in payments from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies based on fraudulent claims.

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic

100 arrested as spring break crowds hit Miami Beach despite the pandemic and CDC warnings against large gatherings.

Gal Gadot is pregnant! The Wonder Woman star reveals she is expecting her third...

Wonder Woman status! Gal Gadot is pregnant with her third child with husband Jaron Varsano. The Wonder Woman 1984 star, 35, announced the exciting news via Instagram and Twitter on Monday, March 1.

An Idaho woman is ruled unfit to stand trial for ‘murdering her children’ moments...

Lori Vallow, the Idaho wife accused with her husband of killing her two children, has been found unfit to stand trial in the case, according to a court order.

This AI Could Help Wipe Out Colon Cancer

Medtronic's GI Genius, recently cleared by the FDA, will help doctors identify precancerous polyps.

COVID-19 Reaches Mount Everest As Nepal Struggles With Record Infections

The coronavirus pandemic has reached the top of the world, where it has reportedly disrupted the annual climb up Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks just as the window for summiting the mountains opens up.

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