A 26-year-old tattoo lover who says she’s often mistaken for a “criminal” because of her inkings revealed her colored eyeballs cost her sight.

By Carly Bass

A woman who is completely covered in tattoos has revealed how she went blind after having her eyeballs inked – but incredibly, she has no regrets.

Sarah Sabbath, 26, from El Paso, Texas, went blind after getting her eyeballs tattooed
Credit: Instagram/sarahsabbath

Sarah Sabbath, 26, from El Paso, Texas, said the “the guy didn’t put enough saline solution into it” which left her unable to see or “do anything”.

Eventually she sought help from an eye specialist who gave her a series of drops which have improved her sight – however she said they “still bother me”.

The tattoo lover said she has “no regrets” and that, despite the body art affecting her health, it has “made me a better person”.

Sarah told Truly that the tattoo artist had incorrectly measured the solution and that there was “too much ink and not enough water”.

She still wants more etchings on her face, despite her health condition
Credit: Instagram/sarahsabbath

“I had a very difficult time doing anything – I could not watch TV, I didn’t like being around bright lights and I didn’t like being outside,” she said. “I got very, very depressed from it.”

Sarah, who was bullied at school for being “hairy”, said she has always wanted to cover herself in ink, and admitted “my tattoos are important to me because they helped me become a stronger person”.

“I think I’ve spent around $US3,000-$4,000 on my tattoos. They help me to express myself, they help me to feel me,” she said.

“I don’t regret getting any of the tattoos because I feel more myself now than I did then,” Sarah added.




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