by Kelsey Weekman/In The Know

A mechanic’s disturbing video of what he found beneath a woman’s car during an inspection is going viral on TikTok.

User @kaos_noe explained in a post that his customer was afraid she had a “tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend,” so he decided to take a closer look for her.

“I didn’t think anybody would actually do that, but … oh what the heck?” he said, revealing a small tracking device beneath his customer’s car near the wheel. “You, my guy, have issues.”

In the video, he then scanned the QR code on the device and searched a number associated with it online to confirm that it was, in fact, some sort of tracker. He also included the hashtag #someoneisgoingtojail in the caption.

So far, the video has more than 250,000 likes and 2.4 million views.

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