This makes me scratch my head, most elections in the U.S. of A. hold their elections on Tuesday – or any day BUT a weekend or holiday. It pretty much makes their turnouts low – and sometimes suspect. They’re basically asking some in the workforce to either skip work that day or whatnot. The problem is that people from the middle-class and lower who work hourly may not be able to afford taking some time off to do so as it will involve lost wages.

So Why a Tuesday? Let’s take a look, election days originally varied by state, but in 1845 a law was passed to set a single election day for the entire country.

At first, it applied only to presidential elections, but it was later extended to congressional elections and then trickled down to everythign as well. During the earlier centuries, the U.S. was still primarily a farming society. Farmers made up a majority of the labor force, and much of the year was taken up by the tending crops. November was usually a good time to vote because the harvest was over, and the weather back then was still relatively mild.

Fast forward to today and it’s now become a stinking mess. Tuesday votings are now seen as a hindrance due to a lot of factors – one of them being that we’re not just simply primarily an agrarian society. And the reason that election day was specified as the Tuesday “after the first Monday” was to prevent it from falling on November 1 more or less no longer applies

Currently, voter turnout rates have declined over time, some people proposed that elections be moved to the weekend. Others wanted keeping election day on Tuesday but make it a federal holiday to do so instead. Since those particular efforts have not been successful, they’ve increased opportunities to vote early and by mail making election day less central to the voting experience than it once was.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we started voting by phone or PC.

Times are a-changing, and the outdated practice of voting on a WORK DAY has got to change.





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