THIS is the moment a “ghost bird” with freakishly big eyes and a humongous mouth terrified a woman in Colombia.

By Niamh Cavanagh

The unnamed woman initially thought the bird was part of the post, before realizing it was an elusive Great Potoo, or Ghost Bird.

She filmed the camouflaged bird standing perfectly still on top of the fence in Chibolo, in the northern region of Magdalena, before it moved its head and revealed an enormous mouth as she approached. 

The ‘ghost bird’ terrified the Colombian woman

When the bird reveals its unusual shaped beak the woman can be heard shouting in surprise, while what sounds like a young child also makes noises. 

The Potoo is a nocturnal species that lives in the Southern Hemisphere and uses camouflage to hide from its predators. 

It has eyes that take up much of its skull, giving it excellent night vision, while slits in the eyelids help it to sense the movement of predators even while asleep. 

A woman spotted what she thought to be a stick which turned out to be a rare great potoo in Chibolo, Magdalena, Colombia
Credit: Viralhog

It typically rests on broken tree branches or wooden fence posts and does not build nests. 

The Great Potoo is a world leader at pretending to be a tree stump, spending most of its time perched upright on branches. 

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