By Chas Danner

A United Airlines flight bound for Honolulu experienced an engine failure and had to return to Denver International Airport shortly after takeoff on Saturday afternoon. Flight 328 landed safely with no reported injuries, but footage of the in-flight fire and the engine debris which fell off the Boeing 777-200 amid the emergency illustrates what a harrowing experience it must have been for the flight’s 231 passengers and 10 crew members, as well as witnesses down on the ground.

A passenger told 9News reporter Chris Vanderveen they heard a bang as the plane’s right engine caught fire. One passenger shot a video of what it looked like from inside:

Here’s the moment the plane touched down — and the passengers’ reaction:

People heard the boom down on the ground northwest of Denver as well. A large piece of the engine barely missed a home in Broomfield, Colorado:




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