When other customers called her out for using the derogatory and racist language, she replied that “I can call him whatever I want”

By Pip Christmass

A shocking and offensive new video shows a woman go on a racist rant toward a Black cashier at a Manhattan bakery after she refused to put on a mask while placing an order.

The person who shot the video said the incident took place on Sunday at the Davidovich Bakery stand inside Essex Market on the Lower East Side. The female customer, who has not been identified, was repeatedly asked to put on a face covering before ordering

A security guard can be seen warning the woman, who appears to have several children in tow, that the employee would not serve her, so she had to leave.

“Why?” she sniped. “Because he’s a bitch-ass n***er?”

As bystanders groaned in outrage and the security guard repeated demands that the woman leave, she doubled down.

“That’s what he is,” she said. “I can call him whatever I want.”

On Tuesday, the bakery’s vice president put out a statement saying how proud they are of how the workers handled a “very sad situation,” saying they shouldn’t have to deal with things like that just for simply trying to do their job.

“We are a family-run company and all of our employees whether they have been with us for a day or years, when you attack one member of our family, you attack all of our family. The retail workers have all been on the front line during the pandemic.

They try to put a smile on their face. Nothing justifies someone being attacked and insulted and treated the way he was treated,” said Marc Fintz in a statement.

The NYPD took a police report regarding the incident.

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