There’s a hidden movement of lobbyists both FOR and AGAINST the right to repair our own stuff. ,The right to repair electronics ,refers to government legislation that is intended to allow consumers the ability to repair ,and modify their ,own consumer electronic devices,, where otherwise the manufacturer of such devices require the consumer to use only their offered services. Some that require 30-full days from the manufacturer to get back to you. While a global concern, the primary debate over the issue has been centered on the United States and within the European Union.

At the forefront of this stupid debate are companies like John Deer and Apple that make you pay out the ass on their products to repair them at THEIR facilities with a very slow turnover time. Companies like them are basically lobbying at government hearings to strip the right to fix your LEGALLY OWNED stuff – or at a 3rd party repair firm that sometimes charges 80% to 90% less than the highway robbery direct manufacturers will charge you just to fix that loose cable you can’t get to, or replace and resolder a chip in less time than 3o fricking days.

Apple is even going so far as to directly work with customs to hijack legal overseas shipments of parts going to 3rd party repairers and claim those shipments as illegal and copyright infringing parts – parts that were sold from original parts manufacturers DIRECTLY to consumers and NOT through their (Apple) company with overinflated markups.

Why am I talking about this when the article is about something else? Well, here’s a VERY good example of right to repair OUTSIDE of the manufacturing company that is actually trying to save LIVES and not care about the goddamn bottom line for beancounters:

Bloom Energy is Californian company that usually makes green-energy fuel cells – something so far removed from what they’re currently doing: fixing ventilators. That said; they state that they are due to deliver 170 repaired ventilators to Los Angeles later on Monday after transforming its manufacturing process. Something that is very sorely needed in the current Coronavirus pandemic. It’s been said that an engineer at Bloom Energy downloaded the service manual and taught himself and others how to dismantle and rebuild them in a day – against the original manufacturer’s own wishes – insisting that those units be given to them and will take at least 30 DAYS to fix,

We just don’t have that kind of luxury these days, and they want 30 effing days?! WTF kind of drugs are they on?

Those ventilators had been in storage since the H5N1 bird flu outbreak of the mid-2000s. And Bloom is also now working to find other stockpiles of disused machines to repair and fix – on their own .

Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom visited the manufacturing plant, he said: “We got a car and a truck and had [them] brought here to this facility at 08:00 this morning. And Monday, they’ll have those ventilators back into Los Angeles all fixed. That’s the spirit of California.”

Mr Newsom stated that the the original manufacturers had initially told him it would take about a month to fix 200 ventilators, which help patients breathe if they are having difficulties due to Covid-19 or other diseases.

One month is not enough time to save lives, that’s all I’m saying.

One month that the original manufacturers want with money on the side rather than the general well-being of everybody else.

Louis Rossman, a YouTuber lobbyist FOR the right to repair says this best in this short speech about the current situation:

“This company – an unauthorized ventilator repair company – this is a company that has NOTHING to with ventilator repair. They don’t produce ventilators, they do not repair ventilators, they do something else entirely, and they get the job done – at 3 percent of the time the manufacturer quoted! And every single one of you lobbyists keeps talking about how unauthorised repair is dangerous – and only authorized repair should have access to this shit. Your philosophy is going to get people KILLED. I want you (anti-repair lobbyists) to think about this: imagine that you’re 30 to 50 years older than you are now and you get coronavirus; and you’re in a room, and you’re close to the point where you can’t breathe anymore – you’re this close to suffocating – what would you rather have at the other end of the room, a ventilator that we fixed, or a little post-it note that says “come back in a month”? I hope you (anti-repair lobbyists) can sleep at night reading that anti-repair script you do at every hearing to collect your salary.”

This makes you think long and hard just how screwed up some people are when they want the bottom line more than anything.





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