It’s human nature that sometimes some people will take advantage of any situation to try and profit from them – be it good or bad.

Take the case of what’s happening nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic where some people are playing on other’s fear and panic about the situation as panic buying of goods are currently at a fever-pitch. So much so that some stores are actually RATIONING their inventory.

Then there’s some whackjobs that are price gouging certain goods like n95 masks, like this one I’ve recently found in Amazon:

You read that right, some nutjob was selling a 20 pack of n95 masks for $598 USD.

I’m not kidding.

Then there’s this kid in the UK that got suspended suspended from school for the day for selling “squirts” of hand sanitizer to his friends at Dixons Unity Academy in Leeds.

Oliver Cooper – aged 13 – who attends Dixon’s Unity Academy in Leeds, bought a tub of Johnson’s child handwash from a Tesco grocery store for £1.60 (about $2) after hearing about the coronavirus outbreak on the radio. He offered some to his friends, who then suggested that he start a “business” on the playground selling squirts for 50 pence each (around 65 cents) to other kids.

So the proverbial light bulb went off in his head and he did as his friends suggested. The young entreprenure’s mother, Jenny Tompkins, also posted her son’s moneymaking schemes on Facebook around Wednesday, where it amassed over 198,000 reactions and 98,000 comments at last count – more often than not praising his entrepreneurial savvy.

According to Jenny’s FB page, she explained that “the little turd” was caught charging classmates for the sanitizer to “protect themselves from the bloody coronavirus!!”

“Very hard to discipline this behavior when his dad phones him from work to call him a f—ing legend,” she added.

With his temporary exile from school for the day, he used the proceeds from his sales to purchase a bag of Doritos – and he also plans to buy a kebab with the rest of his cash.

Not bad for the beginner grifter.

In any case, if you ever need to know how to make home-made hand sanitizer, watch the video below:





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