By Jonas Grinevičius and Ilona Baliūnaitė

Growing up can be a radically different experience for young people, ranging from complete and utter awkwardness to extreme popularity. And all of this depends on a mix of your genes and your lifestyle.

Luckily, even if you’ve had a hard time liking yourself in your teens and early twenties, you can still end up full of confidence and love for how you look later on in life.

15 to 25

14 to 22 grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of my existence.

6th grade vs 21

Left (16 years old, never kissed a boy, genuinely believed I would be a 40 year old virgin), Right (26 years old, much happier).

15 vs 21

15 to 22

12 to 30

12 to 19 and feeling way more confident.

Sweeping the leg since 1995. Age 8 to 25 – glad it all worked out, but I never did get that black belt.

27 to 37. Getting older isn’t so bad.

2015 vs 2021

Then (12): Hasn’t kissed a boy, but pretty good at violin. Now (24): Still hasn’t kissed a boy, bad at violin, but finally has some direction in life!

17-27 I decided that I didn’t want to die young from drug overdose so I cut my hair and here we are 10 years later.

12 to 25

When I Loved Pizza & Was Insecure (17)” Versus “Still Love Pizza & Learned To Love Myself (25)”

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