By Trace William Cowen

A woman who’s alleged to have crashed her car into a food market in Miami Beach before calmly escaping, despite reportedly nearly hitting a homeless woman by inches, has been arrested.

The incident, per a report from a regional NBC outlet, went down on Tuesday at Fernandez Food Market and saw the woman—later identified as Sharon Martinez-Lazaro of Los Angeles—ultimately fleeing the scene as a passenger in a Chrysler.

Footage from the aftermath showed shocked witnesses repeatedly calling out to Martinez-Lazaro about the potentially detrimental impact of her actions.

Martinez-Lazaro, 27, was ultimately arrested after authorities tracked down the getaway car on I-395. She’s been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and with property damage.

Per a separate report from TMZ, who also shared footage of the crash aftermath, the getaway car was an Uber. The alleged driver, identified as Bobby Stone (seen below), was also arrested and now faces an accessory after the fact charge.

Martinez and her Uber driver, Bobby Stone, have both been charged over Tuesday’s crash

Per TMZ, the alleged driver is said to have confessed to being “aware” of the initial crash, though the still helped Martinez-Lazaro leave the scene.

Both Martinez-Lazaro and Stone are said to have since posted bond.




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