Two teenagers who admitted to involuntary manslaughter in the fatal assault of a classmate at a Moreno Valley school have been sentenced to probation and released to the custody of their parents.

By Leticia Juarez

The 14-year-old defendants must also serve 150 hours of community service, undergo therapy and enroll in a character-building program, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Roger Luebs ruled Friday.

The victim, 13-year old Diego Stolz, was beaten to death at Landmark Middle School on Sept. 16, 2019.

A bystander’s cellphone video shows Diego being punched and then falling and hitting his head on a pillar in the schoolyard.

The identities of his attackers have not been made public because they are minors.

Although Riverside County’s district attorney and Probation Department both wanted the two teens to serve more time, Luebs said the law required the least restrictive terms to promote rehabilitation. He said the two boys were “directly responsible” for Diego’s death even if they did not intend to kill him.

Diego Stolz, 13 (pictured), was punched repeatedly at Landmark Middle School in Riverside, California, in September 2019. During the attack, he fell and hit his head on a pillar, losing consciousness, and and was declared dead nine days later 

The judge added that to confine the teens to more time behind bars, with sophisticated and more mature criminals, would do more harm than good.

The 14-year-olds, whose names have not been identified, ‘made admissions’ to charges of involuntary manslaughter. Pictured: Stolz during the attack

The defendants, each of whom initially spent 47 days in juvenile hall, were ordered return to Juvenile Court on June 25 for a progress report to the judge.

He warned the boys that if they do not comply he would order them remanded back to juvenile hall.

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