The Tour de France is an annual men’s multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in France – hence the name. This race occasionally passes through nearby countries, consisting of at least 21 stages (each a day long), and runs over the course of 23 days. Sounds good, right? Nothing out of the ordinary, at least until one yahoo of a fan decided to go for a photo/video op of himself hold a sign as the bikers would pass him by. Right? WRONG!

The words “TRAIN WRECK” comes to mind when said fan put himself way too close to the action:

Source: screenshot

Now let’s talk about the riders for a bit, we all KNOW how the competitors are so “into” the race that tunnel vision is pretty much GUARANTEED to happen in cases like this. For those not in the know; Tunnel vision, also called peripheral vision loss or PVL, is when you have a loss of your either side of your vision when you concentrate your sights “dead center” to the exclusion of everything else. 

This is pretty much the case when said fan pictured and highlighted above went a little too far into the traffic lane of the competitors as he posed for the camera with the sign the same moment they would pass him. This caused two things to happen: the sign-wielding fan didn’t see the oncoming traffic, and one of the riders who SHOULD have seen the guy – but DIDN’T – ran full-tilt into said sign that set off a chain reaction not so different from a train derailment.

A news camera video clip was then tweeted to show the exact moment the “accident” occurred:

Here’s another shot, video this time from the news:

Tunnel vision mode “activated” – for a LOT of them, it seems. It was reported initially that at least one bike was damaged as a result of the crash, and most likely several of the riders were injured – though it’s unclear whether any of them involved in the “pile up” suffered serious injuries.

As of the release of this article, the investigation into the accident is still ongoing.



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