By Kipp Jones

One of the most popular news anchors in Phoenix walked away from her job Tuesday, and she obliterated the country’s biased establishment media on the way out.

KSAZ-TV’s Kari Lake, who has been half of the Fox affiliate’s successful ratings duo for two decades, announced in a Twitter post with a video posted to Rumble that she would walk away at the top of her game. She left nothing on the table, blowing the whistle on the bias that has rotted American news media from top to bottom for so many years.

She then uttered the one statement which probably solidified her as an actual journalist: She was no longer proud of what she did.

The veteran news anchor made it clear that she was leaving solely of her own volition. “I have not been fired, demoted, reprimanded, etc. I remain a 20+ year employee at Fox in good standing.”

Lake told Arizona Daily Independent that the COVID pandemic was her breaking point.

“It really got difficult for me when Covid hit. I felt the stories I was reading were not fully truthful. The cancel mob’s insistence that certain Covid-related stories not be told or even whispered, while others were told over-and-over made me feel as if I was not giving a balanced view of the situation to viewers.”

“I became a journalist to be helpful, not harmful,” she explained, “but some of the stories I was reading [were] likely contributing to the fear and division and I couldn’t do that anymore,” adding: “I prayed a lot for guidance, asking God to lead me in the right direction.”

While Lake didn’t discuss her political affiliation, a little digging made it clear why she feels the way she does. In July 2019, she was caught in a live Facebook rant about a local newspaper after it revealed that she had joined Parler — which is now back online, by the way. “F**k them, they’re 20-year-old dopes,” she said.

In early January, Lake tweeted support for President Trump.

Kari Lake, congratulations not only for the professionalism you continually displayed in a career you no longer recognized but even more so for your courage in leaving it behind, and the way you did so. You will no doubt be missed.




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