By Katie Mather

A father on TikTok is sharing videos claiming that his young daughter is being tormented by some kind of paranormal being.

Josh Dean’s videos look as though they’ve been filmed in night vision while his child is supposed to be sleeping. In one of the more viral videos, a timestamp in the upper lefthand corner says it’s around 11 p.m.

“My daughter being pulled under the bed,” Dean captioned the clip. “Wife thinks she crawled but she was clearly pulled by something!!”

The video shows the child on top of her bed, hunching over the edge to look underneath. She then gets up off the bed and goes further and further underneath until the camera can only see her feet. Then, the child cries out, “Mommy!”

TikTok seemed divided over the dad’s allegations that there was some sort of evil energy in the room.

In another video, filmed at a different angle, Dean’s daughter wakes up “out of a dead sleep” and starts sleep talking. A man, presumably Dean, is sleeping next to her, but TikTokers still noticed something weird.

“If you pay attention to her foot you can see it slightly being lifted up,” one user wrote. “I’m not one to usually comment on these things but this gives me chills.”

The most recent upload got users especially freaked out.

“Something is literally pulling her shirt,” one user wrote.

Dean also gave more context for horror fans who seemed to think the house — or one of his daughter’s toys — were possed.

“We’ve moved over here a year ago,” he wrote. “We’ve always felt weird in the house, I got cameras because I felt like I needed them … The part where [the ghost] starts physically touching her started before her second birthday, four days ago.”

Dean added that out of his six kids, only his youngest was being affected.

“I’m so invested in this,” another TikToker commented.




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