This Guy Created A $1,750 Mushroom Coffin That Turns Your Body Into Compost In Less Than 3 Years 

By Emily Harger , Yasmina Hatem , Daniel T. Allen , Lisa Desai , Elizabeth McCauley , Will Storey , and Jessica Jurkschat 

There’s a saying that we are but mere guests on this planet. So, we ought to treat it with love and respect just like we would any other home. And just like it applies to our lifetimes, so it should apply in the afterlife.

Loop, a startup based in Delft, the Netherlands, has come out with a solution to an eco-friendly afterlife with its Loop Living Cocoon coffin made from wood chips and mycelium that quicken the process of decomposition and help nature acquire vital nutrients more effectively.

Dutch researcher Bob Hendrikx designed an eco-friendly coffin made out of mushroom fiber—mycelium

According to Loop’s website, it is the world’s first living coffin “created by nature,” and it was also recently used in what is now the first funeral held using living coffins. The funeral was of a man’s mother in the Netherlands. He was happy to know that his mother will soon be living as one with nature.

The coffin is said to cost around €1,500 (approx. 1,750 US dollars) and the price is expected to fall as production intensifies and, hopefully, mycelium-based caskets become the new norm in burials.

We’ve also asked Hendrikx if there are plans to develop other related products based on mycelium, to which he replied: “We are definitely looking at animal coffins and shrouds. And also elements to be placed into graves.”

You can learn more on Loop’s website and Instagram as well as Hendrikx’ Instagram account. But before you go, let us know your thoughts on this. Would you want to be buried in a living coffin, or do you prefer alternative methods like cremation? Let us know in the comment section below.




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