Businesses from restaurants and other “get-together” venues that involves large crowds have taken a downturn in light of the current pandemic hitting 2020, causing some companies to declare bankruptcy. One other business has been greatly impacted by the woes of 2020: the airline industry.

With some countries either locking their boarders, restricting air travel, and sometimes outright banning travel FROM places hit hard by the coronavirus, the airline industry is more or less at its all-time low.

That is, until somebody had the bright idea of booking flights that basically “go nowhere”. Airlines like Qantas and afew others are now offering sightseeing flights that concentrate more on the “journey” rather than just ferrying people from point A to point B.

As it is, the practice of booking “sightseeing” flights have gone up in places like Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and Australia to name a few – have been selling out like hotcakes.

This more or less harkens back to the earlier days of sedate commercial air travel that simply plan flights around tourist areas to give passengers tours from up high. Nowadays, normal air travel is more from point to point and not bothering for tours that happen way below normal cloud ceiling. And this is thanks in part to jet engines that allow for faster travel above cloud cover where the air is thin – bypassing any tourist sights you could see right out of your windows.

Today’s “flights to nowhere” include some in-flight dining and entertainment not normally available on your usual trips – some airline companies even include a suprise in-flight celebrity guest for those “lucky” passengers.

Now, there will be some people that may balk at the idea of being jammed into an airplane for a few hours due to the fact that there’s a pandemic still going on world-wide, recent scientific studies suggest that the odds of catching Covid on an airplane are less than you might think, due to the air ventilation systems.

But then again, still being cautious doesn’t hurt anybody.

So what do you all think? Are trips to nowhere enough to satisfy a stilted wanderlust’s soul for the meantime? If so, check out your nearest travel bookings to see if they offer them!


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