Lola Bunny looks a little different in the new Space Jam movie Space Jam: A New Legacy and her new desexualized appearance has sparked a debate on social media.


The latest online culture war is about Lola Bunny – the character from the 1996 film “Space Jam” starring Michael Jordan.

And yes, the conversation is about her being less sexualized in the upcoming sequel “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

The point guard for the Tune Squad, the team comprised of Looney Tunes characters and also Michael Jordan (in the first film, at least) now wears a full-length uniform instead of the crop top she sports in the first film.

Lola Bunny in ‘Space Jam’ (L) has had a makeover in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ (R) and her new look has sparked a debate on Twitter.

Her design – as revealed in Entertainment Weekly’s Thursday cover story about the sequel – is noticeably much less sexualized than in “Space Jam.”

But director of Space Jam: A New Legacy, Malcolm D Lee, told Entertainment Weekly that he was caught off guard by the first movie’s “very sexualized” depiction of Lola Bunny, and said: “This is 2021. It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters.”

Some fans may be wondering if the modernized version of Lola Bunny will extend to how her character is perceived by the other characters, like film critic Scott Mendelson, who said: 

And in perhaps the most bleakly predictable development of the week, some internet users are angry, nay, furious about the changes to their favorite animated animal:




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