She’s licensed for massage. She’s not licensed to put a needle in your face for $300

By David J. Neal

Liliana Sanchez had held her license since August 2014, according to her online state profile. The board’s final order said Sanchez’s filing in response to the administrative complaint said “no material facts were in dispute.”

Liliana Sanchez

The Florida Department of Health administrative complaint doesn’t say whether Sanchez was working out of her home or in a massage establishment in the Miami area in March 2018.

It does say she “offered to inject Botox into the forehead and/or around the eyes” of undercover investigators from Miami-Dade police and the Department of Health.

Liliana Sanchez Miami-Dade Corrections

Sanchez was going to charge $300. This counts as attempting to practice medicine without a license. For the $300 offer, the Board fined Sanchez $10,000 and assessed $1,902 in investigative costs, in addition to revoking her license.

Sanchez was arrested on one count of practicing health care without a license; four counts of controlled substance possession; and 42 counts of drug possession with intent to distribute.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office filed no criminal charges.

The day before the board revoked her license, Sanchez filed a petition to expunge her record. Online Miami-Dade court records say a hearing on that will be held Wednesday.

Consumers knowing of unlicensed medical activity can let the Florida Department of Health know anonymously by calling 877-425-8852 (HALT-ULA), or emailing




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