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This is probably the BEST Batman “movie” to date thus far – and it’s a fan-film – at least in my humble opinion.

The short film is nearly 30 minutes long and was done by Bat in the Sun Productions. The fan-film production company got started by a group of friends in 2001 by Aaron and Sean Schoenke as founders. They are notable for such independent fan film web series like “Super Power Beat Down”, and other fan-films showcasing super heroes that span from DC to Marvel, and other licenses in between the series.

Bat in the Sun has received notable attention from the film industry, almost all of them featured in USA Today, MTV, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and they have a loyal fan base that lead to their channel with millions of views.

This latest venture, which has since gone viral after it immediately launched on their channel – is what pretty much started their business of making fan films – another film about Batman. The film stars the likes of Michael Madsen, Doug Jones, Aaron Schoenke, and one of the most prolific Batman in fan films to date: Kevin Porter as Batman.

Without spoiling the short film, the story drives Batman to Arkham to confront the Joker to get some answers.

You can watch it in full here, and on their YouTube page:

The costume is superbly by independent costume designer Shawn Reeves from REEVZFX. Kevin Porter does Batman justice once again as well! Porter does Batman like in the Arkham game franchise, and he’s certainly built like it too outside of the amazing costume!


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