By Catherine Park

A woman woke up to what she believed was water dripping from her bedroom ceiling – only to find it was blood coming from her upstairs neighbor’s rotting corpse. 

Ana Cardenas was asleep in her apartment in El Paso, Texas, on the morning of May 8 when she was awakened by the sound of something dripping. 

She initially believed it to be water.  

What the woman witnessed when she turned on the light in her bedroom was a sight worthy of The Shining: blood droplets splattered all over her walls, her bed and even her hair.

Woman wakes up to find blood dripping from ceiling

‘It grossed me out, I was in shock, I thought this isn’t real this is a dream, wake up. I called maintenance and they said are you sure and I said blood is falling on me,’  a visibly shaken Cardenas said in Spanish in an interview with KTSM.

Unbeknownst to Cardenas, her upstairs neighbor at Cielo Vista Apartments on Cielo Vista Drive had died of natural causes and came to rest directly above her ceiling fan. 

Texas woman wakes up to find blood dripping on her from the ceiling

Even though the deceased tenant, aged between 55 and 70, had a carpet on the floor, his blood seeped through it and dripped down into Cardenas’ ceiling fan, which then sprayed the drops of gore all over the woman’s apartment.

Cardenas said she was told by the police who were called to the scene that her neighbor’s body had been decomposing for five to six days. 

The blood seeped through the carpet in the neighbor’s apartment and trickled from the ceiling in Cardenas’ downstairs unit, which has since been ripped out for repairs

When maintenance workers removed Cardenas’ ceiling fan, she said all the blood that had been pooling there came gushing from the ceiling. 

Cardenas threw out her blood-soaked mattress and had to stay at a hotel while workers dismantled her ceiling and disinfected her unit. 

But even after the deep clean, she said there are still flies buzzing inside her apartment and a lingering stench hangs in the air. 

The woman said the management of the apartment building has refused to compensate her for her damaged property, and she did not have a renter’s insurance. 




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