A father shot a man who he claims was peeping into his young daughter’s window in Harris County, Texas late Sunday night.

A husband and wife confronted an intoxicated man who had been inappropriately touching himself outside their daughter’s window around 10 p.m. after hearing their daughter’s cries for help, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office told KTRK.

The perpetrator was shot at a nearby gas station following a confrontation with the girl’s parents (ABC13)

The parents were both armed with handguns, which they are legally licensed to carry, and ordered the man lie down in the yard while they waited for police to arrive, the sheriff’s office added.

The man allegedly did ignored them and instead walked across the street to a nearby gas station.

The armed couple ran after him to the gas station, where the wife waited outside with the suspect as the husband went inside the establishment to call 911, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspect allegedly wrestled the handgun out of the wife’s hands and pointed it at her.

The husband witnessing the situation, fired his weapon, hitting the man at least three times, the sheriff’s office said.

The suspect was taken to an area hospital in critical but stable condition.

During a local news station interview, the father said that his daughter had complained about seeing someone watching her through the window before but that they did not believe her.



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