Friday, October 22, 2021

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Lucky retired Wake teacher wins $1 million in NC lottery

Teresa Saunders was shopping for her granddaughter’s sweet 16 birthday party this week when she answered her phone and was told that she won $1 million in a North Carolina lottery game.

Brett Favre owes Mississippi $600,000 in speaking fees for events he never attended, officials...

The former NFL quarterback promised to repay the state after an audit released in May 2020 revealed $1.1 million had been paid to Favre’s company, Favre Enterprises

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs gave birth to our planet's tropical rainforests, a study suggests.

30 Taliban militants killed in explosion during bomb-making class

They most likely all suffered from "premature detonation".

MAGA MARRIAGE SPLIT: Cop divorces wife after she was caught on camera with another...

Trump-loving Pennsylvania woman hit with felony charges and divorce papers over Capitol riot.

Is Meghan Markle already preparing a bid to be America’s first woman President? Duchess...

Meghan Markle will use the furor over her interview with Oprah to launch a political career which could take her all the way to the White House, if rumors circulating around Westminster last week turn out to be accurate.

‘American Idol’ Alum David Archuleta Comes Out as Queer: Reveals struggles with sexuality and...

One of “American Idol’s” more memorable runner-ups, David Archuleta, revealed that he identifies as bisexual and asexual.

This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled

In a remote mountain village high above Turkey's Black Sea coast, there are villagers who still communicate across valleys by whistling. Not just whistling as in a non-verbal, "Hey, you!" But actually using what they call their "bird language," Turkish words expressed as a series of piercing whistles.

Boy, 6, arrested and charged for picking flower from North Carolina lawn

The little boy was forced to go to juvenile court in the US state of North Carolina to face charges of injury to real property after picking the tulip from the area.

Video shows robbers dragging woman through Houston parking lot: police need your help making...

A woman was dragged through a parking lot last month as she held tightly to her purse, and now Houston police have released the video in hopes of arresting the robbers.

Last surviving marine of the USS Indianapolis dies aged 96: WW2 hero survived FIVE...

Edgar Harrell, the last surviving Marine of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II, has died.

All eight victims of Georgia massage parlor rampage revealed: An Army veteran killed while...

All eight victims of the deadly shooting rampage targeting three Georgia massage spas had been identified by Friday and were found to include an Army veteran, a newlywed and a hardworking single mother-of-two.

Scientists Identify New Whale Species In Gulf Of Mexico

A "new" species has been discovered, and it's already on the extremely endangered species list.

Homeland Security Arrest Pilot Accused Of Having Multiple Guns and More Than 100 Lbs....

Homeland Security Investigations Agents have arrested a man who flew his plane into a Jenks airport with 102 pounds of meth and guns on board, according to an arrest report.

A Greek Priest Suspected of Drug Trafficking Attacks Bishops with Acid in Athens Monastery

Police say that a priest has been arrested in Athens after he threw acid on seven bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church.