Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Josh Duggar is arrested and placed in federal hold with no bond ‘over 2019...

Josh Duggar, from the television show “19 Kids and Counting,” is behind bars and has been placed on a federal hold.

The Sold Out Flights to Nowhere

Businesses from restaurants and other "get-together" venues that involves large crowds have taken a downturn in light of the current pandemic hitting 2020, causing...

Adorable Husky Guard Dog Sleeps Through Staged Armed Robbery in a Jewelry Store in...

A pet husky proved what a useless guard dog she was - by sleeping through an armed robbery training session at a jewelry store. Hilarious CCTV footage shows the dog ignoring the gun-wielding 'robber' during the simulation in Chiang Ma, Thailand

‘ASN FLU’ License Plate in California Sparks Outrage on Social Media

A vehicle registered in California with the license plate “ASN FLU” has sparked outrage after its photo was shared on social media last week.


New Zealand is an exciting country in the South Pacific. It offers beautiful beaches, high mountains, amazing scenery and unique animal life. There are many exciting facts about this country that will make you eager to visit New Zealand at the first opportunity.

COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay? Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy

Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy That The COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay.

Parents accused of concealing girl’s body are charged with murder more than a year...

A murder charge has been filed against a couple jailed on charges of child abuse and concealing the skeletal remains of their adopted 13-year-old daughter after she was found 14 months ago at their west Phoenix home.

Grieving Asian American Widow Received Racist Letter Sent on Day of Husband’s Funeral: ‘Go...

A grieving widow was sent a poison pen letter mocking her Asian husband’s death on the day of his funeral. Claudia Choi, from Seal Beach, California, has said a letter was posted to her family that says now her father ‘is gone, it’s one less Asian we have to put up with’.

Prosthetic Legs for Elephant Amputees in Northern Thailand

Prosthetic limbs aren’t just for people! In fact, the world’s first elephant hospital is now also the world’s first elephant prosthesis factory, dedicated to treating elephant amputees who have been injured by landmines in Northern Thailand.

‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’: First Looks At Kevin Smith’s He-Man Reimagined

Netflix on Thursday unveiled the premiere date and a slew of first-look photos for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the CG-animated new series from Kevin Smith that offers a new take on the He-Man universe.

Las Vegas biology teacher, 37, ‘changed student’s grade from F to A after she...

A Las Vegas high school biology teacher has been accused of having sex with a female student, and then boosting her quiz grade from an F to an A.

Missing woman found naked inside a Florida storm drain. How she got there is...

A 43-year-old woman who had been missing for three weeks was rescued Tuesday after she was found trapped inside a storm drain just a few feet away from a busy Delray Beach thoroughfare.

New Jersey waitress abducted and assaulted after chasing customers who left business without paying,...

Police in Washington Township, New Jersey are searching for multiple suspects wanted in connection with the abduction and assault of a waitress Saturday night.

Teenage sledder partly paralyzed in accident on same hill that took girl’s life

Natalie Wilson, 17, crashed one day after Eirelyn Zuercher, 14, died at Hinckley Reservation in Ohio.

Brazil builds new 140ft statue of Jesus even higher than Christ the Redeemer as...

Construction of a second monument to Christ is underway in Brazil, with the new statue spanning even higher than the famous Christ the Redeemer.
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