Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Baffled scientists don’t know why hundreds of birds are getting sick and dying across...

Wildlife experts in at least six states are investigating the cause of the bird deaths.

WATCH: Mysterious Flying Object caught on Ring Doorbell camera in Florida

WATCH: Mysterious Flying Object caught on Ring Doorbell camera in Florida

Girl born without arms chasing her dream as a ballerina

Teen Ballerina With No Arms Proves Everything Is Possible.

Kiwi scientists develop surface coating which kills Covid-19

Scientists at Victoria University in Wellington have developed a coating which kills Covid-19 particles.

California Experiment Shows Giving People Cash Dramatically Improves Lives

A guaranteed income program gave $500 per month to 125 people in Stockton and found that their job prospects and mental health got better.

A California couple placed $1000 in cash in baby items at different Target stores...

A couple inserted cash in baby-related products at different Target locations in California to "make things a little easier" for other parents, according to KABC.

Florida building collapse: President of Paraguay’s sister-in-law, her husband, and their three kids are...

THE president of Paraguay's sister-in-law, her husband, and their three kids are among the dozens of people missing after a 12-story Miami condo collapsed.

“Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Incredible Transformations (15 PICS)

If you’ve had a hard time liking yourself in your teens and early twenties, you can still end up full of confidence and love for how you look later on in life.

Dad saws through door to strangle daughter for being ‘disrespectful,’ Louisiana cops say

Donnie Paul Neil, 40, faces several charges after allegedly striking the child and choking her until she nearly passed out, all while ramming her head into the floor of his home in Chauvin, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Arrest made after Korean American couple punched, Olympian threatened at Orange park

A man accused of attacking a Korean American couple and threatening a Japanese American Olympic athlete has been arrested, according to police.

Boston Uber driver, 47, is charged with kidnapping after ‘trapping female passenger in his...

A Massachusetts Uber driver has been charged with kidnapping after allegedly trapping a female passenger in his car by enabling the child safety locks before climbing into the back seat as she screamed for him to let her out.

Baltimore restaurant owner drives SIX HOURS to Vermont to cook tempura broccoli for a...

A Baltimore restaurant owner drove six hours to Vermont to cook for a dying woman who wanted to eat his tempura broccoli one last time.

GRAPHIC: ‘Hot Mom’ Says Catholic School Expelled Her 3 Kids Over Her Online Adult...

A Sacramento mom says her three young kids were expelled from a catholic school because she sells sexy videos online. The principal at Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School says the family is no longer welcome and they can’t even pick up their things left in class.

70-year-old woman bludgeoned to death in Baldwin Park; suspect in custody after an hourslong...

A man suspected of bludgeoning a 70-year-old woman to death and injuring two others was taken into custody Thursday following an hourslong standoff as he barricaded himself in his Baldwin Park home, officials said.

A woodchuck hitches a ride on Wally the Golden retriever to cross a lake

Wally the golden retriever did exactly what his breed is supposed to do during a recent swim in a Massachusetts lake, retrieving a small rodent and giving it a ride to shore on his back before ending the trip with a little kiss — an interaction all caught on video by Wally’s owner.