Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Explosion kills man making bombs to pay off lawn mower purchase, Ohio sheriff says

The 55-year-old was building improvised explosive devices in his garage, officials say.

Mother, stepfather and two sheriff’s deputies ‘shot dead by gunman, 32, who then turned...

2 deputies killed, suspect and 2 others dead in shooting at North Carolina home

A Bond villain, an inheritance and a baseball bat: Police detail mother-son conspiracy in...

A Colorado Springs man who legally adopted the name of a James Bond villain fatally beat his 83-year-old father with a baseball bat and tried to pin it on his ailing mother, police alleged in court Friday.

‘Is This Patriot Enough?’: Asian American Official Shows Military Scars During Township Board Meeting...

In a video that has since gone viral, Mr. Lee Wong stuns the people during a Township Board Meeting as he stands up and condemns the current racist rhetoric and violence against Asians that seem to be escalating these days.

TikTok user sets internet ablaze with video of her family’s dinner

The newest Tiktok viral video is about a family's "Nacho Table" dinner, and it's causing a stir.

Move over, MCU and DCEU, Todd McFarlane reveals his plans for extended ‘Spawn’ universe...

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane unveils "Spawn Universe" to debut this June 2021.

Suspect Who Stabbed Elderly Asian Women in SF Could Face Life Sentence

The man arrested for stabbing two elderly Asian women in San Francisco earlier this week is now facing multiple charges that carry a life sentence.

COVID can leave men infertile ‘causing inflamed testicles and killing sperm’…

A news study has shown that some younger suffers of COVID may suffer from long-term effects of the virus.

Former New Orleans police officer sexually abused 14-year-old he drove to hospital for rape...

Since-Fired Police Officer Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old Girl He Took to Hospital for Rape Kit

All Movies To Be Documentaries!


Iowa Woman Pleads Guilty To Mowing Down Black And Latino Kids, 12 And 14,...

An Iowa woman who tried to kill two children in 2019 by hitting them with her car because she thought they were of Middle Eastern, African or Mexican descent has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and hate crime charges, the authorities said.

CHILLING MESSAGE: Schoolgirl, 11, writes ‘help… robbers!’ on wall during Zoom class after being...

Fearful for her life, an 11-year-old Asian-American girl scrawled 'help...robbers!!' on the wall of a bathroom after being locked inside by intruders who had broken into her family's San Francisco home and stripped it of valuables.

Kroger now says it ACCIDENTALLY administered ‘empty syringes’ instead of COVID-19 vaccines

A Kroger spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that one of its The Little Clinic locations "made a mistake and administered empty syringes instead of the COVID-19 vaccine."

Florida Teacher Gets 15 years For Recording Naked Girls

A Florida teacher was sentenced to 15 years in prison for secretly recording students as they changed clothes in his fashion design classroom

Police: Texas man allegedly drunk driving a 200K Lamborghini without a valid license, was...

The arrest report has been released for the Texas man who was driving a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan that struck and killed a moped driver on June 5 near Russell Road and Rogers Street.
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