Monday, August 8, 2022

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A company will pay you $2,400 to stay away from screens for 24 hours

Put the phone away for an hour. Or, better yet, make it 24 hours -- you might just get $2,400 out of, a company that tests home services and products, is holding a 24-hour digital detox challenge.

‘Those two can save me anytime’: Internet swoons over two ‘HOT COPS’ who saved...

Well, hello there officer! A pair of hero cops in Texas are red hot — for their looks, as much as for their recent life-saving rescue of a man from a burning truck.

Dumping subway trains into the ocean … in a good way

It looks like an environmental nightmare: Dumping old subway cars to rust away on the ocean floor. But the MTA says it creates new marine ecosystems.

Moment tourists flee in panic as three innocent bystanders, including a four-year-old girl, are...

Three people were hospitalized Saturday evening after a shooting in Times Square left the youngest victim, a 4-year-old girl, injured and started the NYPD on a manhunt for the gunman responsible.

Asian Makeup Transformations Are Something Else (13 PICS)

The new Asian makeup fad is to look as delicate as porcelain dolls. And though the porcelain doll makeup look is nothing new, these girls here take it very seriously. Application of professional makeup now means not only highlighting their existing features but also creating new ones with the help of fake skin extensions, false eyelashes, and even special effects makeup.

Her Boss Sent Harassing Texts. So She Beat Him With a Mop.

A government worker in China became an internet sensation after a video emerged of her striking back at a boss she had accused of harassment.

Six staff are charged with sexually abusing 11 children at same New Hampshire youth...

Six former staffers at New Hampshire's state-run youth detention center were arrested on Wednesday in connection with the sexual abuse of 11 children over the course of a decade after more than 200 alleged victims filed a lawsuit last year.

‘Serial killer cannibal’ says he peeled the skin off his last victim’s face because...

A fuller picture began to emerge Friday of the apparently affable 72-year-old former butcher who hacked up one woman in the basement of his home, and is suspected of killing many others.

Lady Gaga’s dog walker reveals his lung collapsed several times in wake of shooting...

Lady Gaga's dog walker has finally been released from the hospital ... a little more than 1 month after he was shot in a terrifying dognapping incident.

Four-year-old girl discovers 220 million-year-old dinosaur footprint at a beach in Wales

The creature probably stood about 29.5 inches tall, was about 8 feet long and walked on its two hind feet, paleontology curator said.

Scientists discover new giant fish species off Japan’s coast

There is a great variety of sea life swimming in Earth's oceans, but according to the National Ocean Service, more than 90% of the species living in them are not yet classified. So when scientists stumbled onto a toothy deep-sea "top predator" off Japan's coast, they could not believe a fish of that size was swimming around the deep blue,

French teacher beheading: 13-year-old schoolgirl who cried Islamophobia says ‘I lied’

A French schoolgirl has admitted to lying and spreading false claims about a teacher who was murdered last year. Samuel Paty was beheaded in October after showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The girl, whose complaints sparked an online campaign against Paty, has now admitted that she was not in the class.

A drugged up idiot was stuck for around 2 days inside giant fan at...

The unsuspecting officer found a man stuck inside the shaft of a vineyard fan, after he "inexplicably" decided to climb into the piece of farm equipment, according to a Sonoma County Sheriff's Office statement.

Video shows moment a herd of wild boars ambush a woman in a supermarket...

A video shows wild boars surrounding a woman in an Italian car park and then stealing her groceries. The video, posted on social media on Thursday, shows the woman dropping her bags in defeat.

BREAKING NEWS: At least six people are injured in mass stabbing at Vancouver library

One person is dead and at least six people have been wounded in a mass stabbing at a Canadian library.