Sunday, June 26, 2022

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T.J. Osborne of award-winning country group Brothers Osborne comes out as gay

Country music star T.J. Osborne opened up his sexuality in a new interview with TIME, making him the first openly gay performer signed to a major country record label.

Alice Cooper Leaves Phoenix for His Hometown on New Album Detroit Stories

Alice Cooper has a long and illustrious history in Phoenix. He formed his band as a student at Cortez High School. He has been based in the valley for decades and has used his time, talent and money for numerous local causes. Despite his status as one of Phoenix’s favorite sons, the fact remains that the man Cooper was born in Detroit in 1948 and the band Alice Cooper rose to prominence on the city’s legendary hard rock scene in the 1970s.

Real estate agent’s terrifying find in attic of empty home

By Brianne Tolj / YahooNews A real estate agent got quite the fight this week while walking through and filming a potential home for his...

Jack Black’s mom was a NASA engineer who helped bring the Apollo 13 astronauts...

Jack Black's mom was a ballet dancer and an electrical engineer for NASA? That's the kind of bio the Black Widow would have.

Amazon backs marijuana legalization, drops weed testing for some jobs

0 Inc (AMZN.O) said on Tuesday it supports a proposed U.S. legislation to legalize cannabis at the federal level, and would drop weed-testing requirements for some recruitments.

Citizen app wrongly accuses homeless man of starting a California wildfire and sends his...

The latest feature on crime app Citizen raises alarms as it accuses the wrong man of arson.

Move over, MCU and DCEU, Todd McFarlane reveals his plans for extended ‘Spawn’ universe...

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane unveils "Spawn Universe" to debut this June 2021.

Aunt Jemima’s New Name Is Revealed After Controversy

Aunt Jemima Reveals New Name and Logo After Backlash Over Use of Racially Insensitive Caricature The company says it worked with diverse partners to “ensure the new brand was developed with inclusivity in mind”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Official Title Revealed

Tom Holland reveals reveals real Spider-Man 3 title via his Instagram account.

Zombie infection threat as country unlocks 50,000-year-old viruses

Russia is seeking to unlock unknown prehistoric viruses up to 50,000-years-old by extracting biological material from carcasses of ancient animals frozen in permafrost. Source: Siberian Times/Australscope.

Japanese submarine collides with commercial ship while surfacing in Pacific

Japanese sub accidentally collides with commercial ship while surfacing.

12-year-old little miss arsonist suspected of setting four separate fires in the Berkeley Hills...

A 12-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of setting four fires in the Berkeley hills on Friday, Berkeley police said.

Deadly diving? Beware The Sperm Whale’s Deadly Call

A sperm whale’s clicks are powerful enough for them to communicate with other sperm whales thousands of miles away. They are also powerful enough to easily blow out a diver's eardrums or vibrate a diver to death.

Hot Men and their Kitty Counterparts (13 PICS)

Handsome Guys And Cute Kittens

‘He fought an incredible fight’: The Sopranos star Joseph Siravo, who played Tony’s father,...

Joseph Siravo, the veteran Broadway actor and educator who played Johnny "Johnny Boy" Soprano on HBO's The Sopranos, has died after a long battle with colon cancer. He was 66.
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