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A 20-year-old college student that blamed masked intruder has been charged with killing his...

A 20-year-old college student charged with killing his parents and younger sister in their family home in Iowa

Filipino American Society of Iowa says language is biggest barrier in getting vaccinated

According to the Filipino American Society of Iowa, language is probably the biggest barrier for minorities accessing vaccine appointments. That's why they're bringing in interpreters for at least five different languages to help at the clinic.

Discarded masks litter beaches worldwide, threaten sea life

To the usual list of foul trash left behind or washed up on beaches around the world, add these: masks and gloves used by people to avoid the coronavirus and then discarded on the sand.

San Diego Zoo worker is rushed to hospital after being bitten by venomous African...

A zoo worker was rushed to hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake with no known antivenom, whose fangs can kill or cause organ and tissue death.

Couple buys Riverside dream home, but seller refuses to move out in eviction moratorium...

Couple buys home for $560,000 - but seller refuses to be evicted under the current eviction moratorium loophole due to the pandemic.

Honduran president’s brother sentenced to life in prison in U.S. for drug trafficking

This Tuesday, a United States federal judge sentenced Juan Antonio Hernández, former Honduran congressman and brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

No pterodactyl, but a massive minke whale skull washes up on New Jersey beach

Mistaken for a pterodactyl fossil skull, a minke whale skull washed ashore in Island Beach State Park this week in New Jersey.

Wyoming woman dies after falling 200 feet off a cliff during a sunrise hike,...

A 28-year-old woman died on Tuesday after she fell more than 200 feet from the top of Steamboat Point, a well-known peak from the Bighorn Mountains, a Wyoming mountain range, while on a planned hike with her husband to see the sunrise, according to the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office.

A teenager is accused of following two women to their Florida home, climbing into...

A teenager is accused of following two women to their Florida home, climbing into their window and stabbing them to death.

Rescuers save elderly couple stuck dangling over 100 foot gorge after their pickup truck...

Rescuers save elderly couple stuck dangling over 10-story gorge after their pickup truck swerved off the road in Idaho - as a safety chain connected to their 30ft camper was the only thing keeping them from falling

Florida police officer killed after veering into a wrong-way driver from Colorado to save...

A Florida police officer made the ultimate sacrifice to save others this week. The Tampa police chief says Master Patrol Officer Jesse Madsen purposely veered into a wrong-way driver from Colorado Tuesday night along I-275 to protect everyone else on the highway in the area. The wrong-way driver was identified as 25-year-old Daniel Joshua Montague from Golden. Police say Montague was driving more than 100 mph and was likely intoxicated at the time of the crash early Tuesday morning.

Airport changes name after years of fighting over ‘Orlando’

After years of fighting and litigation over who can include “Orlando” in the name of their central Florida airport, Orlando International Airport officials and Orlando Melbourne International Airport officials have tentatively agreed that Orlando Melbourne International Airport will change its name to Melbourne Orlando International Airport.

“Yes hello. One cancer treatment, please.”: Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Says He’s Undergoing Chemotherapy for...

Blink 182's Mark Hoppus has confirmed he was recently diagnosed with cancer in a statement posted online. The blink-182 bassist and vocalist opened up about his courageous battle with cancer in a newly released statement. Countless Mark Hoppus fans began an outpouring of support online.

‘Disgruntled’ firefighter shoots dead co-worker at LA County fire station before driving home, barricading...

At least two people were shot at a fire station in Southern California on Tuesday, including a firefighter who died from his injuries

Drunk teen BREAKS into Milwaukee Airbnb rented by THREE out-of-town sheriff’s deputies

A drunk man broke into a Milwaukee home where three out of town sheriff's deputies were staying.
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