Friday, October 22, 2021

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Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

Nine-year-old boy’s shocking wound which required at least TWENTY stitches after shark mauled him...

A nine-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by a shark in waist-deep water off of Miami Beach, leaving him in need of more than 20 stitches to close a gaping wound on his shoulder.

Woman who died in freak carpark accident was almost three times the drink driving...

Victoria, 23, died in an unimaginable accident in a carpark in January – and now details of her freak death have been revealed by a coroner.

Cardiff cyclist confronts moronic driver who sexually harassed her

A cyclist who confronted a man after he shouted lewd comments out of his car at her has spoken of the barrage of daily harassment faced by women.

Asteroids named after African American, Hispanic and Native American astronauts

Asteroids named after African American, Hispanic and Native American astronauts. Their names will now be amongst the stars.

Suspect handcuffed behind his back steals patrol car, leads cops on 100 mph chase

"I can only assume he was using his knees," a trooper said.

Father of the year – A Vietnamese man has built a miniature rideable version...

Mini Bugatti Centodieci Carved From Wood Is Pretty Close To The Real Thing

An Idaho woman is ruled unfit to stand trial for ‘murdering her children’ moments...

Lori Vallow, the Idaho wife accused with her husband of killing her two children, has been found unfit to stand trial in the case, according to a court order.

11-year-old charged with Uptown carjacking (And you may remember the adult who’s also charged.)

An 11-year-old boy is one of two suspects charged with a Saturday afternoon carjacking in the Uptown neighborhood.

Kroger Oopsie: they overpaid some workers & demanded repayment, then recants after demand went...

In another series of WTF-ness that comes in the pandemic where some people and companies become asshats, Kroger initially "overpaid a sma...

A Fitness Model Revealed What His Body Really Looks Like Without Instagram Filters

It's not exactly breaking news that Instagram can feel like a fantasyland where every selfie is filtered to perfection. Still, it can be helpful to stop and remind yourself how easy it is for people to manipulate their appearance, especially when they're showing off what might be an unattainable physical ideal.

Pilot on hot mic goes on expletive-laden rant against the Bay Area

In a hot mic incident recorded over the Mineta San Jose International Airport’s air traffic control scanner, an unidentified pilot was heard delivering an expletive-heavy rant, according to the travel site One Mile at a Time.

Judge tosses lawsuit of man who alleged Jackson molestation

A judge on Monday dismissed the lawsuit of a man who alleged that Michael Jackson sexually abused him as a boy.

A red piranha, native to South America, was caught in a Louisiana lake; officials...

A piranha mysteriously turned up in a Louisiana lake — and officials are on the hunt for others that may be skulking in the water.

Here’s what pregnant women should know about the J&J COVID-19 vaccine

They should have access to it, according to the CDC.