Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Man Found Living In Walmart Air Ducts In West Houston, Police Say

Reports of a man found living within the air ducts at a Walmart in west Houston went viral online, sparking the question – how did he do it?

Ted Nugent Tests Positive for COVID After Calling Pandemic a ‘Hoax’: ‘I Thought I...

Musician Ted Nugent said Monday he tested positive for COVID-19 and had been experiencing intense symptoms, though he’s called the pandemic a “hoax” in the past.

Rachel Levine becomes first openly transgender official to win Senate confirmation

Senate confirms Levine to be the nation’s assistant secretary of health as activists hail appointment as a historic breakthrough

South Carolina House adds firing squad to execution methods

The South Carolina House voted Wednesday to add a firing squad to the state’s execution methods amid a lack of lethal-injection drugs — a measure meant to jump-start executions in a state that once had one of the busiest death chambers in the nation.

How San Jose’s new Delano Manongs Park is paying homage to Filipino farmworkers

Historic vote today! In honor of the Delano Grape Strike, the City Council approved the naming of the Delano Manongs Park! This name pays tribute to our Filipino-American community and to the worker justice movement! Many thanks to the community who led this effort!

Bride widowed on wedding day after groom killed by guest

A YOUNG bride who was widowed on her wedding day when her groom was shot dead by two of her guests cried "how will I live without you?".

New footage allegedly shows US Navy ship ‘swarmed’ by UFOs

A documentary filmmaker who recently made headlines for leaked Pentagon footage of a spherical flying object seen off the coast of San Diego recently posted new radar footage from 2019 that allegedly shows a U.S. Navy ship surrounded by UFOs.

90-year-old man takes out $10K ads to tell AT&T CEO about slow service

Aaron Epstein has been a loyal AT&T customer since 1960. But as his technology needs increased, his internet service just wasn’t keeping up, the 90-year-old Los Angeles man said.

Caitlyn Jenner is ‘actively exploring’ a run for governor of California and is talking...

Caitlyn Jenner is 'actively exploring' a run for governor of the state of California, according to Axios.

‘We heard a “pop, pop, pop” then a house blew up’: Frantic 911 calls...

Baltimore County police released several edited body-worn camera videos from officers who responded after a neighbor’s rampage on Maury Road in Woodlawn two weeks ago.

Cop killer, 56, who shot dead a father-of-four NYPD officer during a 1981 robbery...

A man who shot dead a police officer at a bar in Queens in 1981 is now working with state police on the subject of police reform.

Plastic Surgeon Attends Video Traffic Court From Operating Room

California’s Medical Board started an investigation after Dr. Scott Green reported for the hearing on Zoom while in scrubs and with a patient on the operating table.

‘She’s Like Me’: Minnesota Boy with Prosthetic Leg Finds Best Friend in Golden Retriever...

A puppy born with three paws has found her forever home with a Minnesota child with a prosthetic leg.

Bones dating back to ice age found in Las Vegas backyard

The animal bones were discovered during the construction of a pool and are between 6,000 and 14,000 years old. LAS VEGAS — A couple in Las Vegas said they will have to wait to continue building their pool after construction crews unearthed a set of bones dating back to Earth's most recent ice age.

Chimpanzees at Czech zoo get screen time amid virus lockdown

The Safari Park in the northern town of Dvur Kralove installed a big screen in their enclosure to show them a livestream of what their fellow chimpanzees are doing on the other side of the country at a zoo in the southern city of Brno.
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