Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Japan has officially launched a UFO research lab in Fukushima with aims to solve...

The International UFO Lab, which claims to be Japan's only research institute for unidentified flying objects, was established in this city on June 24, World UFO Day.

Neighbor who tossed an elderly Jewish woman off a balcony while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’...

From the little I've seen reported on it, I have no idea how the French authorities reached their decision. I know even less about #SarahHalimi which saddens me since she's the innocent victim being let down by the system.

Cancer Survivor Sidney Poitier turns 94: A Living Legend Who Changed Hollywood

Happy birthday Sidney Poitier! The trailblazing actor and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient turns 94 on Feb. 20. He has had dozens of film and TV roles, worked as a director and was the Bahamian ambassador to Japan. In honor of his life and legacy.

Deer with hairy eyeballs found in Tennessee

A picture of a deer with a strange eye condition known as corneal dermoids is making the internet squeamish and hoping they will one day hoof the strength to forget that the abnormality exists at all.

Last surviving male member of exterminated Brazilian indigenous group dies of Covid

The last surviving man of an exterminated Brazilian indigenous group has died from complications linked to Covid-19. Aruká Juma, who died on Wednesday aged between 86 and 90, was the last Juma man left from a tribe that once numbered 15,000.

Coca-Cola is to test a paper bottle as part of a longer-term bid to...

Coke’s newest bottle is made from paper The company is testing alternatives to replace the millions of tons of plastic it uses every year.

Interesting facts about The Simpsons (32 PICS)

The Simpsons family are made up of some of TV’s most-loved characters. Here we’ve rounded up the best facts we could find about the most popular cartoon in the world.

Mother charged with killing 6-year-old son and throwing body into Ohio River

An Ohio mother is facing a murder charge after allegedly killing her 6-year-old son and throwing his body into the Ohio River.

Guy Becomes BFFs with Raccoon and Her Baby

Watch this man befriend his new raccoon friend Larry, and her offspring, Baby Larry.

Israeli Paramedics: At Least 2 dead, Over 160 Seriously Injured At Festival After Hundreds...

TWO people were killed and more than 160 injured after a synagogue grandstand under construction collapsed at a festival after hundreds were crammed on seats.

New Hampshire man who bragged about chugging wine at the Capitol riot is campaigning...

Jason Riddle of New Hampshire admitted in a media interview, to illegally entering the Capitol and bragging that he had guzzled wine he swiped from a lawmaker’s office said he’s running to unseat Democrat Ann Kuster as State Representative.

29 French Bulldogs Saved from Meat Markets Flown to Los Angeles to Find Forever...

Wagmor Pets is working with other animal rescues to help over two dozen French bulldogs mixes leave their meat market cages behind them and find loving homes.

Machete wielding bigot who allegedly hurled anti-gay slurs in DC has been arrested

A juvenile suspect is in custody after he allegedly hurled anti-gay slurs and threatened someone with a machete.

GRISLY CONFESSIONS: Man wanted in connection with 5 murders – including his ex-wife’s –...

MURDER suspect Sean Lannon allegedly admitted to killing 16 people, including his ex-wife, after he was arrested for killing his mentor.

US officials: Pilot error caused Kobe Bryant chopper crash

According to investigators, the pilot likely became disoriented when he flew through the clouds.
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