Monday, August 8, 2022

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Eric Carle, author and artist behind ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ dies at 91

Eric Carle, the author and artist of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and dozens of other popular children's book, has died at 91.

Australian politician must pay $1 million to … Twisted Sister

Ex-politician Clive Palmer has been ordered to pay band Twisted Sister $1.5 million over his use of their anthem We’re Not Gonna Take It in a campaign video.

Alabama teacher, 47, who once claimed US Constitution entitled her to have sex with...

A former Alabama teacher and cheerleading coach who previously argued that a state law barring school staff from having sex with students younger than 19 was unconstitutional has now admitted her guilt.

‘Dating scammer’ faces more time after escape, capture

Meet the original large-scale dating scammer, Patrick Giblin, 53, formerly of Ventnor, New Jersey.

Iowa man faked his own death in ruse to get his ex-girlfriend inside his...

Although the alleged ruse was fake, the fear experienced by an Iowa man's victims was real, police said.

Ever Given ship forbidden to leave the Suez Canal until its owners pay up...

The Ever Given can't leave the Suez Canal until compensations are paid, officials said Thursday.

‘Sports Car’ That Drives on Water Just Like a Jet Ski

Beachgoers enjoying the northern coast of Egypt really got a show, as a high-tech car cruised across the water.

Gal Gadot confirms that Joss Whedon threatened her career and said he would make...

In a new interview with Israeli outlet N12, Gadot confirms that Whedon tried to big-time her with threats. "He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead," Gadot told the outlet.

3 officers charged with brutal beatings at NJ women’s prison

Three correctional officers were charged in connection with a January incident at New Jersey’s women’s prison in which inmates were beaten.

Rudy Giuliani has reportedly shed his entourage and hired a part-time driver to cut...

Rudy Giuliani has reportedly sacked most of his entourage to cut costs as his legal troubles - and fees - mount. Politico reported that Giuliani fired as many as five people since the FBI raided his properties.

Prince Harry joins $1bn Silicon Valley startup as senior executive

Duke of Sussex’s first formal role since ending royal duties involves ‘meaty role’ as chief impact officer at BetterUp

A funeral home worker in Maine has been charged with stealing a wedding ring...

Two days after her mother passed away, Sally Wood called the funeral home in Alfred, to pick up her mother's jewelry. However, she was only given two of five rings.

Are South Korean bars illegally handing out Viagra? Researchers found an ‘ASTONISHINGLY LARGE AMOUNT...

Researchers found abnormally high concentrations of Viagra and other erectile-dysfunction drugs in the wastewater in Seoul, South Korea, according to a study published in Scientific Reports earlier this month.

Lawyer Gets Stuck In Cat Filter Mode During Zoom Trial: ‘I’m Not A Cat!’

Attorney Rod Ponton’s technical snafu led to an exchange with the judge that can only be described as “kitty funny.”

Terrifying Moment Two Former U.S. Marines Kidnap Businessman From Bangkok Restaurant In $3m Ransom...

A former U.S. Marine was arrested in Thailand over an alleged $3 million dollar kidnap for a ransom revenge plot.