Monday, January 24, 2022

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Texas pharmacy owner charged in $134 million fraud scheme that paid for fancy cars,...

A Houston pharmacy owner and his accountant were arrested Tuesday on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud to the tune of $134M. Mohamed Mokbel, 56, owns several Houston-area pharmacies and is CEO of their parent company, 4M Pharmaceuticals, according to records. The indictment alleges that from late 2013 through March of 2020, 4M pharmacies collectively received millions of dollars in payments from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies based on fraudulent claims.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel’s mic DELIBERATELY cut as he spoke about CONTRIBUTION freed Black slaves...

Retired Lieutenant Colonel's microphone is CUT at Memorial Day ceremony in Ohio when he started talking about how freed black slaves first marked the holiday

Man allegedly hired 2 to kill rape victim, pair killed his sister and neighbor...

2 women killed trying to protect rape victim in murder-for-hire plot.

Merritt Island park now a ‘manatee graveyard’ as Florida sea cows starve to death

Florida manatees are dying at an alarming rate in the first two months of 2021, more than tripling the normal amount of fatalities seen during the same period over the last five years.

Last Wild Macaw is lonely and looking for love.

A blue-and-yellow macaw that zookeepers named Juliet is believed to be the only wild bird of its kind left in the Brazilian city where the birds once flew far and wide.

Teen Charged With Murder For Shooting Stepfather at Birthday Celebration in Houston

A 16-year-old boy in Houston has been charged with murder for the alleged shooting and killing of his stepfather at a local restaurant .

Ex-Obama White House Adviser Arrested After Allegedly Scheming to Steal $200K From Schools He...

The founder of a national charter school network who once served as a White House adviser under President Barack Obama was arrested Tuesday on charges alleging he stole over $200,000 from the network and used it to get a better interest rate on a multimillion-dollar apartment.

The Batman Officially Wraps Filming with One Final Set Photo

The Batman director Matt Reeves has announced that the superhero movie has finally reached its last day of filming after a rather tumultuous production.

Florida woman got a cardboard cutout of her husband to keep her company at...

Jade Chipps, 31, from Florida, US, bought a cardboard cutout of her husband to keep her company - after previously printing his face on a pillow, a onesie and even her bathing suit

Florida teen, 19, ‘shoots and kills man in Starbucks drive-thru’ after being confronted for...

A confrontation in a Starbucks drive-thru ended with a man being shot dead and a teenager facing a first-degree murder charge.

Will Pepe Le Pew be canceled after Dr. Seuss? New York Times columnist claims...

A columnist for The New York Times has published an op-ed that claims the Looney Tunes French skunk Pepe Le Pew 'normalized rape culture.'

ROYAL RUMBLE: Sri Lanka national beauty pageant winner suffers head injuries as ex-title holder...

The winner of the “Mrs Sri Lanka” beauty pageant ended up in hospital with head wounds after her crown was snatched away in an on-stage bust-up.

A police sergeant who showed off his baton handling skills in a video set...

Seriously @SanJosePD this is what warrants “a concern”??

THEN AND NOW: How Celebrities Changed In The Past 10 Years (13 PICS)

Like all of us, famous people aren’t immune to aging. Some of them have changed beyond recognition, while the others are still just as good-looking, if not even better, as they were a decade ago.

Colorado boy, 12, is left brain dead after using a shoelace to choke himself...

A 12-year-old boy has been left brain dead after his parents say he used a shoelace to choke himself until he lost consciousness for TikTok's 'Blackout Challenge'.