Friday, October 22, 2021

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A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house...

A Philadelphia woman who said she was pistol-whipped during a domestic dispute turned house fire claims she had to rescue herself and her grandmother when officers refused to go inside.

Shopping while driving, woman hits bike-riding sheriff

She was SHOPPING while driving when she hit a police officer, and she thought she hit a mailbox?

COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay? Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy

Iranian Cleric Spins Wild Conspiracy That The COVID-19 Vaccine Turns People Gay.

19-Year-Old Daughter of Michael Lewis and Tabitha Soren Killed in Calif. Car Crash: ‘Our...

Dixie Lewis was killed alongside Ross Schultz in a head-on car collision near Truckee, California, on Tuesday, according to her family.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Totally Shredded On CNN, Admits He Has Nothing On Vote ‘Fraud’

By Mary Papenfuss·Trends Reporter, HuffPost Controversial freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) was so throughly schooled by CNN host Pamela Brown Saturday over his fact-free claims of election fraud that...

14-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth, Walks into Restaurant and Leaves Baby With Stranger

A surveillance video recorded Wednesday shows a teen girl hand a newborn child to a complete stranger inside a New Jersey restaurant, then leave the establishment.

French teacher beheading: 13-year-old schoolgirl who cried Islamophobia says ‘I lied’

A French schoolgirl has admitted to lying and spreading false claims about a teacher who was murdered last year. Samuel Paty was beheaded in October after showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The girl, whose complaints sparked an online campaign against Paty, has now admitted that she was not in the class.

The poison used to eradicate a biblical mouse plague ravaging southeast Australia is having...

The poisonous bait that is being used to eradicate a huge mouse plague ravaging large parts of Australia is having a deadly effect on native wildlife.

Texas mother charged after she snuck into Middle School posing as her 13 year-old...

Deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office arrested Casey Garcia, 30, of San Elizario, after the woman was accused by the local school district of trespassing on school grounds posing as a student.

Pornhub CEO Feras Antoon’s $19 Million Mansion Destroyed By Flames Following Suspected Arson Attack

Pornhub CEO Feras Antoon’s mansion has gone up in flames in what police believe to be an arson attack.

CVS, Walgreens have wasted more Covid vaccine doses than most states combined

Months into the vaccination drive, the CDC has a limited view of how much vaccine is going to waste.

Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

Florida spring breakers reinvigorate economy as businesses welcome them with open arms

California mom says she’s bullied by fellow parents for selling sexy snaps on OnlyFans

A mom from California who sells sexy snaps online on ONLYFANS has been shamed by fellow parents who started a campaign against her raunchy career move by trying to kick her own kids from their school.

Sarah Palin now urges Americans to wear face coverings after she and her 12-year-old...

Former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has revealed she tested positive for coronavirus and is encouraging Americans to wear masks - less than a year after she backed a Dallas salon owner who was jailed for defying lockdown orders.

Hotel California: The Insanely Strange Case of Elisa Lam

A hotel in California with a continuously dark history is time and time again popping back in the mainstream limelight.