Thursday, December 2, 2021


Random Post

Canadian lawmaker caught naked during video conference

A Canadian Parliament member was caught stark naked in a virtual meeting of the House of Commons.

MAGA-supporting religious sect Rod of Iron Ministries that worships with guns in holy rituals...

The cult-like group’s leader wears a crown of bullets and carries a golden AR-15

Archaeologists unearth remains of 387-year-old colonial fort in Maryland

The site, known as St. Mary's Fort, was the fourth English colony established in the United States and was home to approximately 150 settlers.

Big Bear Grocery Store shootout in Georgia leaves 1 dead, and 2 wounded

A shootout that occurred at a Big Bear Grocery store near Candler Road in DeKalb County in Palmetto, Georgia that left 1 cashier dead, and 1 cashier wounded and one of the costumer that was an off-duty police officer who had returned fire on the suspect.

Bodies of 2 pre-teen sisters, found dead in canal in Florida

Police have identified the two young girls found in the same Lauderhill canal as sisters and said the girl’s mother is being investigated as a possible person of interest in their deaths.

This AI Could Help Wipe Out Colon Cancer

Medtronic's GI Genius, recently cleared by the FDA, will help doctors identify precancerous polyps.

Bill to increase killing of Idaho wolves clears House panel

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported in February that the wolf population has been holding at about 1,500 the past two years.

Mom, 35, is beaten to death with a rock by the father of her...

A Massachusetts man has been charged with fatally beating the mother of his young son, bashing her in the head with a rock during a stroll on a Maine beach, court records show.

Kanye West ‘is worth $6.6 BILLION with half of his income from his Yeezy...

Kanye West has assets to protect in his divorce that are worth billions. The 43-year-old rapper is reportedly worth $6.6 billion in large part because of his Yeezy sneaker and apparel brand, which is valued between $3.2 billion and $4.7 billion by UBS Group AG.

Sixth-grade girl shoots 3 at Idaho middle school; teacher disarms her

A sixth-grade girl brought a gun to her Idaho middle school, shot and wounded two students and a custodian and then was disarmed by a teacher Thursday, authorities said.

‘What any good human would do’: Louisiana man helped save infant abandoned along highway

23-yr old Louisiana man's quick thinking saved a baby being dropped off on the median of a highway.

Tropical Depression Claudette leaves 13 dead in Alabama; including 9 children in multi-vehicle crash,...

Tropical Depression Claudette continued its destructive path Sunday night, leaving at least 13 dead in Alabama as it strengthened along its path towards the Atlantic Coast.

Oakland man uses machete to scare away robbers who targeted his Asian parents

Dramatic surveillance video coming out of Oakland shows the moment four people approach a pair of seniors, rob them and are chased away thanks to their machete-wielding son.

The New Evidence Raises Deeply Troubling Questions: 4 Years After an Execution, a Different...

Four years after an Arkansas man was put to death for the brutal murder of his neighbor, new evidence that was previously withheld in the case reveals another man may have been responsible for the crime.

Dad drowns in lake after attempting to save his two children who couldn’t get...

A father has died after going under water while attempting to help his two children, who were struggling to get to shore at Moore Lake in Fridley Sunday evening.