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85 dogs, 9 cats rescued from hoarding situation in North Idaho

The Kootenai Humane Society took in 66 dogs Monday from a hoarding situation in Kellogg where rescuers found 85 dogs and nine cats.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Gets Pranked By Foul-Mouthed Caller Pretending To Be Trump

"God I love the internet," one Twitter user said after the prankster called the MyPillow CEO.

Woman died homeless while Oregon held $800,000 of her unclaimed money

Friends and acquaintances said they had no idea Cathy Boone had money available to her.

Are South Korean bars illegally handing out Viagra? Researchers found an ‘ASTONISHINGLY LARGE AMOUNT...

Researchers found abnormally high concentrations of Viagra and other erectile-dysfunction drugs in the wastewater in Seoul, South Korea, according to a study published in Scientific Reports earlier this month.

Geologist Beaten up by ‘Angriest Octopus’ at Australian Beach, Left With Sting Marks

A man has been whipped by what he described as the "angriest octopus" while swimming on holiday at a Western Australian beach.

100 Facts About Walt Disney World

Sure, you may already know Disney World is the most magical place—ever. But there’s so much about the park I’m sure you don’t know. From little-known facts to full blown secrets, we’ve uncovered over 100 Walt Disney World facts that are sure to surprise.

Mauna Loa, The World’s Biggest Volcano, Is Waking Up And It’s Time To Prep...

Scientists monitoring the unsettled geological activity on Hawaii’s biggest island say that while an eruption of the volcano that dominates the landscape isn’t yet imminent, Mauna Loa’s long nap may be coming to an end.

‘We’re born Indian and we die white:’ Indigenous leaders in California fear COVID deaths...

Native American leaders across California said COVID-19 deaths have shrouded their communities, yet state figures show few American Indian people have died here compared with other states with significant Indigenouspopulations. Leaders and experts fear deaths in their communities have been undercounted because of a long history of Native Americans being racially misclassified.

Second World War love letters discovered under floorboards of Scarborough hotel during renovation

The letters are thought to have stuffed under the floorboards by an RAF serviceman

Parents accused of concealing girl’s body are charged with murder more than a year...

A murder charge has been filed against a couple jailed on charges of child abuse and concealing the skeletal remains of their adopted 13-year-old daughter after she was found 14 months ago at their west Phoenix home.

Man throws severed head at voting station in Mexico, authorities find hands

uenes A man lobbed a severed human head at a voting station in the border city of Tijuana on Sunday and plastic bags filled with body parts were found nearby, local authorities said, as Mexicans voted across the country in midterm elections.

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs gave birth to our planet's tropical rainforests, a study suggests.

Neanderthals disappeared from Europe thousands of years earlier than we thought

Experts reanalyzed the remains and found them to be older than previously understood.

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE’s Mini Stay-Pufts Are Terrifying Toys

Sweet. Mischievous. Savage. ? Mini-Pufts are out of the bag, don't miss #Ghostbusters​: Afterlife only in theaters this fall.

Ellen DeGeneres tests positive for COVID-19

By Hannah Yasharoff/USA TODAY Ellen DeGeneres has tested positive for the novel coronavirus but is "feeling fine right now," she announced Thursday. Production on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"...
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