Sunday, January 23, 2022

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China’s construction boom is sending CO2 emissions through the roof

China's plan to build its way out of the pandemic is pushing its carbon emissions to record highs, new research has found.



Fox News Anchor Is Diagnosed with Colon Cancer After Her Screening Was Canceled 3...

Lindy Thackston's scheduled colonoscopies were postponed three times amid COVID-19

Idaho cop fired for mocking LeBron James on TikTok

Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester has been let go from his job in Bellevue, Idaho, according to a post on the city's Facebook page.

‘Cannibal Killer of Ventas’; Spanish man jailed for killing his mother, storing parts of...

A Spanish man has been jailed for 15 years and five months for killing and eating his mother at the apartment they shared in Madrid.

Capitol cop is killed and another is injured by knife-wielding driver who mowed them...

A Capitol police officer has died and another is injured after being mowed down by a knife-wielding suspect who drove his car through a barrier then emerged with a knife before being shot dead on Friday.

Sex in lockdown: the women hooking up with their lovers (and the partners who...

It might be illegal to have sex with someone you don't live with this Valentine's Day, but that hasn't stopped these women breaking the law with their secret lovers.

35 Republicans defy Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell and vote with ALL House Democrats...

The House on Wednesday voted 252-175 to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, but the bill faces a different landscape in the Senate, where it needs at least 10 Republicans and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell opposes it.

Woman wanted for hissing and biting 86-year-old man in his home, HPD says

Houston-area authorities are searching for a woman who reportedly hissed and bit an elderly man in his home.

‘Aladdin’ Director Remembers How Robin Williams Changed Feature Animation

Longtime Disney animator Ron Clements co-directed Disney’s 1992 “Aladdin” alongside John Musker. He shares his memories of working with Robin Williams on the animated blockbuster.

Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Clara Shares Frightening Photos After Dog Bites Her Face, 30 Mins...

Clara McGregor walked the red carpet at a movie premiere only a half hour after she said a dog bit her face, prompting a trip to the emergency room.

Graffiti or homage? Hi-tech imaging sheds light on Holy Sepulchre wall crosses

Crosses etched in mysterious abundance across the walls of Christianity’s most sacred church were long assumed to be graffiti, but they may be the work of mediaeval masons paid to carve them by pilgrims, research suggests.

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, killed by lightning while training

Olympic surfing hopeful Katherine Diaz, 22, killed by freak lightning strike while training.

Serial Rapist Accused Of Using Fake Ghost Hunts To Sexually Assault Women All Over...

A 46-year-old Houston man, who also used to be a peace officer, is accused of luring women to go "ghost hunting" in remote locations before sexually assaulting them. It's feared he may have victims in several area counties and cities.

Almost Half Of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, Or Believe God Exists’, Survey Finds

A new survey has found that 43% of millennials in the United States ‘don’t know, care, or believe that God exists’.