Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Pink and Daughter Willow Release Heartwarming Duet ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’

On Friday, Pink and her 9-year-old daughter, Willow, released their duet, ‘Cover Me In Sunshine,’ and the accompanying music video. The 41-year-old singer first showed off her daughter’s impressive voice singing their new song in a TikTok on Monday.

Japanese lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species

A lawmaker of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party said being lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender goes against the preservation of the species at a party meeting on Thursday, participants said Friday.

Are We Making Raccoons Smarter?

The black-masked critters that teach themselves how to break into trash bins are the perfect urban survivalists, and we have ourselves to thank for...

Rebel Wilson performs a high kick as the star shows off her jaw-dropping weight...

Rebel lost 60 lbs. in an incredibly impressive feat. Since then, she has showed off her body transformation by posting photos of her trim physique in workout gear and stylish ensembles. Rebel had documented her 2020 lifestyle overhaul on social media, including her fitness, diet, mindset and motivational secrets

75-year-old Chinese woman who fought off attacker in SF to give $900,000 GoFundMe to...

After an elderly Asian woman fought off an attacker in San Francisco, an online fundraiser created by her grandson has already raised almost US$900,000 compared to the US$50,000 goal.

Man taking bathroom break in woods finds human remains

A forensic anthropologist is studying human remains found in woods off a dirt road by a man who was taking a bathroom break in the woods a few weeks ago, authorities said.

Catholic school headmaster ‘forced an 11-year-old Black student to kneel and apologize to his...

The white headmaster of a $15,000-a-year Long Island Catholic school forced an 11-year-old black student to kneel down and apologize to a teacher because doing so was the ‘African way’ to seek forgiveness, it has been alleged

Over 90 people found in possible human smuggling case, some with COVID-19 symptoms: Police

More than 90 people were found "huddled together" in a home in Houston in a possible case of human smuggling, the Houston Police Department said Friday.

A California man vanished 42 years ago on road trip. His remains were just...

Investigators have identified the skeletal human remains found Jan. 8 in a wilderness area southeast of Molalla, Oregon.

Bye bye, Victoria’s Secret Angels! The lingerie company is ditching their regular supermodels to...

Bye bye, Victoria’s Secret Angels! The lingerie company is ditching their regular supermodels to focus on women of achievement, rather than just looks. Among the more diverse group of women is soccer star Megan Rapino, actress Priyanka Chopra and transgender Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio.

Rescue Dog Thriving in New Home After Losing His Nose in Machete Attack: ‘He’s...

Wacku the rescue dog is showing what is possible with a forgiving heart and a strong spirit.

Man killed by his own knife-wielding rooster during illegal cockfight in India

A rooster fitted with a knife for an illegal cockfight in southern India has killed its owner, sparking a manhunt for the organizers of the event, police said Saturday. The bird had a knife attached to its leg ready to take on an opponent when it inflicted serious injuries to the man's groin as it tried to escape, officers said. The victim died from loss of blood before he could reach a hospital in the Karimnagar district of Telangana state earlier this week.

Ricky Schroder confronts Costco employee over mask requirement in viral video: ‘You’re just going...

The TV star, who rose to fame on the hit 1980s sitcom Silver Spoons and later on NYPD Blue, took to social media on Saturday to chronicle his confrontation with an employee at a Los Angeles Costco over California's mask mandate.

Guy rescues Dog found swimming 135 miles off the coast of Thailand

Dogs are often potrayed as human's best friends, but sometimes some humans don't deserve them - and there are those that do. And while s...

Alice Cooper Leaves Phoenix for His Hometown on New Album Detroit Stories

Alice Cooper has a long and illustrious history in Phoenix. He formed his band as a student at Cortez High School. He has been based in the valley for decades and has used his time, talent and money for numerous local causes. Despite his status as one of Phoenix’s favorite sons, the fact remains that the man Cooper was born in Detroit in 1948 and the band Alice Cooper rose to prominence on the city’s legendary hard rock scene in the 1970s.