Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Charges are dropped for hundreds of alleged looters in New York City

"I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side," said Jessica Betancourt, whose Bronx eyeglass shop was looted last June.

South Carolina man swindled $450,000 from Lowe’s buying pricey lawn mowers, feds say

A South Carolina man is accused of buying mowers and other expensive power equipment from Lowe’s using business accounts he backed with fake companies and bad checks.

Trio Of Earthquakes Rattle Los Angeles, Orange County: Did You Feel It?

A magnitude 4.0 quake was the largest of three small earthquakes that rattled Los Angeles and Orange County out of bed Monday morning.

Henry Ford cardiologists find iPhone 12 magnet deactivates implantable cardiac devices

Henry Ford Health System cardiologists say they discovered that the iPhone 12 has the ability to deactivate implantable cardiac devices when held too close to a person’s chest.

Most wanted fugitive who escaped in 1973 now sought in Los Angeles area

Lester Eubanks was convicted of the 1965 murder of Mary Ellen Deener, 14. His case was the subject of an episode of Netflix's "Unsolved Mysteries."

Reporter who broke story of Bill Clinton tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch dies of...

Christopher Sign broke story of tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch during 2016 campaign between Hillary and Trump

T.I. and Wife Tiny Accused of Sexual Abuse by 11 Victims, Lawyer Seeks Investigation

The couple has been accused of 'forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation'.

Blind Man Rescues Blind Dog!

San Diego rescue dog without eyes adopted by blind Marine Corps veteran.

Scott Peterson’s lawyers say his pregnant wife was seen alive AFTER he was supposed...

Scott Peterson's sister-in-law says there is new evidence that will prove Scott Peterson's innocence once and for all. Original detective on the case responds, "There's still people that believe the Earth is flat, too."

12-story Florida condo building partially collapses: At least 1 dead, several injured as mayor...

At least one person is dead and several others are injured after a multi-story, residential building partially collapsed in southern Florida's Miami-Dade County early Thursday morning, authorities said.

Damon Weaver, Child Reporter Who Interviewed President Barack Obama at the White House, dies...

At the age of ten, Damon Became an internet sensation. In 2009 he got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Damon got a chance to take a trip to the White House and interview President Obama. He passed away at 23.

How the Last Blockbuster Store Is Surviving the Pandemic: Nostalgia, Sleepovers and T-Shirt Sales

Plus, with theaters closed and people outwatching the streamers’ offerings, Blockbuster offers tangible entertainment

Ancient Mound Cities & Settlements of the Mississippian Culture

The Mississippian culture was a Native American civilisation, that emerged around AD 800 in the Mid-western, Eastern, and South-eastern regions of America.

Kendall Jenner is facing backlash for ‘cultural appropriation’ over new tequila company

Why Kendall Jenner is facing backlash for 'cultural appropriation' over new tequila company?

From the White House to the dog house: Biden’s pooches sent home after ‘biting...

President Joe Biden has sent his two dogs back to his family home in Wilmington, Delaware, after the younger of the two German Shepherds was involved in a "biting incident" with a White House security agent, US media said Monday.