Sunday, June 26, 2022


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FATAL SMASH: Young boy among three killed after plane crashes into car on Florida...

Three people were killed, including a young boy, and another was seriously injured after a single-engine aircraft crashed into a car on a roadway in Florida on Monday, officials said.

LAPD investigates Armie Hammer after European woman, 24, accuses him of violently raping her...

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an investigation into claims Armie Hammer violently raped a young woman.

Seattle And Gomorrah! Seattle and Gomorrah! Just when you thought it was getting as bad as it could get. The Seattle City Council steps in...

Debra Wilson Reveals She Quit ‘MADtv’ Because She Was Being Paid Less Than White...

f you spent any time in front of a television late on a Saturday night in the late 90s and early 2000s, then the name Debra Wilson is one that you know well. Debra Wilson was one of the original eight cast members when Mad TV premiered on FOX in 1995, and she stayed on until the ninth season when she suddenly disappeared from the show, and it was never really explained why she left. Until now...

Biden calls mass killing of Armenians a ‘genocide’

President Joe Biden on Saturday became the first U.S. president to acknowledge the killing of more than a million Armenians by Ottoman Turks more than a century ago as genocide, a move that could complicate an already strained relationship between the U.S. and Turkey.

Beatles alum Ringo Starr drops trademark lawsuit over Ring O sex toys

Sir Ringo Starr has dropped his legal case against the makers of a sex toy called a Ring O.

Brood X Cicadas overrun Biden’s press plane, causing delays in catching up to Biden’s...

Reporters traveling to the United Kingdom for President Joe Biden’s first overseas trip were delayed seven hours after their chartered plane was overrun by cicadas.

‘Harry Potter’ Live-Action TV Series in Early Development at HBO Max

By Lesley Goldberg / The Hollywood Reporter Accio, Harry Potter writers. A Harry Potter live-action TV series is in early development at HBO Max. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that...

The Buddy Holly Story actor Paul Mooney dies at 79: The comedian who worked...

Comedian Paul Mooney has passed away at the age of 79, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Amazon faces spying claims over AI cameras in vans

Amazon has begun using AI-powered cameras in delivery vans that constantly record footage of drivers and upload any mistakes they make.

UK Student suspended from school for selling ‘squirts’ of hand sanitizer to classmates

It's human nature that sometimes some people will take advantage of any situation to try and profit from them - be it good or bad. Take t...

‘Is This Patriot Enough?’: Asian American Official Shows Military Scars During Township Board Meeting...

In a video that has since gone viral, Mr. Lee Wong stuns the people during a Township Board Meeting as he stands up and condemns the current racist rhetoric and violence against Asians that seem to be escalating these days.

Ted Nugent Tests Positive for COVID After Calling Pandemic a ‘Hoax’: ‘I Thought I...

Musician Ted Nugent said Monday he tested positive for COVID-19 and had been experiencing intense symptoms, though he’s called the pandemic a “hoax” in the past.

Family of 11-year-old boy who died in Texas deep freeze files $100 million suit...

Their 11-year-old son was found dead in his bed Tuesday morning after their mobile home lost power as chaos descended on Texas. Now, the family has sued the energy company for gross negligence.

Fire breaks out in Texas hotel as sprinkler system fails due to frozen pipes...

A massive blaze erupted in a hotel in Killeen after the building's sprinkler systems failed to work due to frozen pipes.
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