Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Stupid teen kills man buying ATV in front of pregnant wife & kids

A teenager shot and killed a man in front of his pregnant wife and her children as he was buying an all-terrain vehicle that he found on Facebook, South Carolina authorities said.

Late Bee Gee star’s son Robin-John Gibb is expecting his third child with wife...

Robin-John Gibb is set to become a father for the third time with partner Megan.


Dani Green claimed pet Jazzy attacked her ex-husband Ray Green. The story falls apart when his body is found with 10 gunshot wounds.

Samsung’s Lee Family To Pay More Than 12 Trillion Won Inheritance Taxes

The Lee family's handling of the hefty inheritance tax bill - one of the largest ever in both Korea and globally - had been closely watched as it could have resulted in the dilution of the family's controlling stake in Samsung.

A Greek Priest Suspected of Drug Trafficking Attacks Bishops with Acid in Athens Monastery

Police say that a priest has been arrested in Athens after he threw acid on seven bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Former Texas School Teacher Charged With Animal Cruelty For Allegedly VIOLENTLY Killing FOUR Kittens...

A 29-year-old Sugar Land man has been arrested and charged with four counts of animal cruelty after authorities say he killed his pet kittens.

Two drunk friends were left with swollen penises after injecting each other with hemorrhoid...

Note to self...no matter how tempting it may be, resist the urge to inject your penis with an unknown foreign substance... Another one from the WTF news file...

Celebrities Who Look Almost Unrecognizable After Dyeing Their Hair Blonde (35 PICS)

Everyone goes through periods where they look in the mirror and think, "My hair needs a change." Humans are complex, what do you expect? Sometimes you just need something a little different. A haircut or hair dye can do wonders. Who hasn't stepped out of the salon, feeling like a million bucks? There's something so refreshing about a change of pace when it comes to hair – maybe it's just breaking our normal routine or that feeling of a new beginning.

NYPD investigates 6 attacks at 4 synagogues over a two-day span

Two of the attacks took place Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday, Sammon said. The NYPD is working to identify the suspect, but video surveillance footage appears to suggest that the same person is responsible for all the attacks.

Police: Girl who disappeared after school found in motel room with man she met...

A 13-year-old girl who went missing after she got out of school last week was found in a dark motel room with a man she had met online, officials announced Monday. Tyler Thompson, of Orlando, Florida, is facing charges including interference with child custody and traveling to meet after using a computer to lure a child.

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from...

Craig shares a recipe for a ZERO CARB Oreo Cookie. Meanwhile, cookie fans from around the USA let their voices be heard.

Law enforcement help capture loose zebra in middle Tennessee

Law enforcement officials helped capture a loose zebra in middle Tennessee after it escaped from an exotic livestock auction.

DMX, Known For Gritty Raps And Smashing Billboard Charts, Dies At Age 50

The rapper, who upended the rap scene in 1998 with two No. 1 albums, was also a devout Christian and movie star who frequently grappled with drug abuse.

DEAF Black woman detained, handcuffed by police as crying daughters asked to interpret

Andrea Hollingsworth, a deaf Black woman, was forcibly handcuffed by police as her 11-year-old twin daughters panicked and tried interpreting for the officers. She says her daughters are the only reason she's alive.

The Eternals trailer: Angelina Jolie stands out with blonde hair as Salma Hayek explains...

The first full-length trailer and poster for the Marvel Entertainment movie The Eternals was shared on Monday morning.