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Scientology’s secrets spill into open in Danny Masterson rape case

The Church of Scientology works hard to keep its inner workings out of the public eye. It has hired private detectives to keep tabs on straying members, and experts say its lawyers vigorously defend against legal incursions, arguing to judges that Scientology’s beliefs are not courtroom fodder - until Danny Masterson went to court.

NYPD investigates 6 attacks at 4 synagogues over a two-day span

Two of the attacks took place Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday, Sammon said. The NYPD is working to identify the suspect, but video surveillance footage appears to suggest that the same person is responsible for all the attacks.

At least four people dead, 130 rescued after Nashville floods

At least four people died and 130 others have been rescued after 7 inches of rain flooded Nashville, Tennessee, this weekend.

Scientists May Have Unlocked Mystery Of Stonehenge

Archeologists in the U.K. may have unearthed new evidence on where the iconic stone circle of Stonehenge originated from. Working in the Preseli Hills of western Wales, archeologists found the remains of what is now considered Britain’s third-largest stone circle that they believe was dismantled and moved 280 kilometers to Salisbury Plain and rebuilt as Stonehenge.

Interesting facts about The Simpsons (32 PICS)

The Simpsons family are made up of some of TV’s most-loved characters. Here we’ve rounded up the best facts we could find about the most popular cartoon in the world.

Off-duty Pentagon police officer fatally shoots 2 people in Maryland

Takoma Park Police said that the Pentagon Force Protection Agency officer stated that he shot the two people believing they attempted to break into a car.

Man undergoes 1st successful face, double hand transplant from same donor

Joseph DiMeo, 22, was severely burned in a car accident in 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Matt Gaetz is ‘under investigation for sex trafficking over allegations he...

Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking over allegations he had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, 17, and paid to have her travel with him, according to a report.

Bill Cosby’s petition for parole denied after he refuses therapy

The Pennsylvania Parole Board has turned down comedian Bill Cosby's petition to be released from a 10-year prison sentence for aggravated indecent assault, citing his refusal to participate in a therapy program for sexually violent predators.

‘She made me do it with my bare hands’: Arkansas Teacher Suspended For Making...

A kindergarten teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been placed on administrative leave after she reportedly made one of her students dig out feces in a clogged toilet. Now the boy’s mom is calling for the teacher’s termination.

French teacher beheading: 13-year-old schoolgirl who cried Islamophobia says ‘I lied’

A French schoolgirl has admitted to lying and spreading false claims about a teacher who was murdered last year. Samuel Paty was beheaded in October after showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The girl, whose complaints sparked an online campaign against Paty, has now admitted that she was not in the class.

Mini Australian Shepherd Dog Born Without Front Legs In Texas Helps Teach Acceptance To...

A dog born without front legs in Texas ended up in Virginia and became a well-loved part of the learning process for some elementary school students.

“I think it was an amazing weight off of his shoulders to finally be...

For nearly eight decades, former Army Private Osceola "Ozzie" Fletcher's experience in the Battle of Normandy went unrecognized.

She Beat Cancer at 10. Now She’s Set to Be the Youngest American in...

After beating bone cancer, Hayley Arceneaux figures rocketing into orbit on SpaceX’s first private flight should be a piece of cosmic cake.