Saturday, August 13, 2022

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The finding could rewrite our understanding of how the Earth developed.

Vaccinated congressman tests positive for virus

A Massachusetts congressman who has received both doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has tested positive for the virus.

Deputies pulled over drunk driver 30 minutes before 115 mph crash that killed a...

Police have admitted they pulled over a speeding driver 30 minutes before he allegedly caused a seven-car pile-up that killed a mom and her three young children in Texas.

7 Pro-Trump Oregon Counties Have Voted To Secede And Become Part Of ‘Greater Idaho’,...

In rural Oregon, voters in several counties want their state to go from Democratic blue to Republican red — and to do that, they hope to leave Oregon altogether and join neighboring Idaho. Five counties approved ballot measures this week, joining two others that had already voted in favor of the idea.

Venomous spiders prompt Michigan library shutdown

It's like something straight out of a nightmare -- venomous spiders were found inside a University of Michigan library, causing the building to be shut down for two days.

PURE EVIL: Armed robbers who gang-raped woman at gunpoint in front of her two...

TWO armed robbers have been sentenced to death for the gang rape of a woman in front her two terrified children.

A Greek Priest Suspected of Drug Trafficking Attacks Bishops with Acid in Athens Monastery

Police say that a priest has been arrested in Athens after he threw acid on seven bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church.

3 years ago, a massive algae bloom in Florida killed 200 tons of marine...

Blue green algae, which are toxic, have been blooming the past few weeks in the waters around Tampa Bay

Former New Orleans police officer sexually abused 14-year-old he drove to hospital for rape...

Since-Fired Police Officer Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old Girl He Took to Hospital for Rape Kit

A Fungus Could Turn Cicadas Into Sex-Crazed ‘Salt Shakers Of Death’

Yellow-white fungus grows inside the cicadas, filling their insides and pushing out against their abdomens. One by one, the rings that compose the back halves of their bodies slough off and fall to the ground. Driven by a chemical compound in the fungus — and now lacking butts and genitals — the bugs try to mate like crazy.

Netflix is testing a crackdown on password-sharing after years of letting people get away...

Netflix is going to start cracking down on one of the oldest traditions in subscription streaming: password-sharing. Netflix has started testing a new prompt when customers attempt to use a Netflix account that belongs to someone outside their household: "If you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching," the prompt says.

Scientists have discovered X-rays coming from Uranus

Scientists have found X-rays coming from Uranus for the first time. Astronomers think it’s crazier than it looks.

Mom fires gun at dog and ricocheting bullet hits her 5-year-old son, Texas police...

A 5-year-old boy was hit by a ricocheting bullet after his mother fired at a dog, police say.

Anger And Fear As Asian American Seniors Targeted In Bay Area Attacks

Violent attacks on elderly Asian Americans in Bay Area leaves community members 'traumatized'

A lawsuit against Subway alleges that their tuna ISN’T really tuna, a New York...

Early in January 2021 a lawsuit was filed against fast food sandwich giant SUBWAY, over claims that it mislabeled its tuna as tuna. It got everyone curious enough that even one of The New York Times's journalists put that lawsuit's claims to the test.