Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Hopes fade for minke whale stuck in River Thames near London

A baby whale stranded in the River Thames in London has been euthanised after spending two days in the unfamiliar territory.

Reptile-Sniffing Dogs Become Research Assistants to Help the Saint Louis Zoo Save Box Turtles

John Rucker is a turtle whisperer with his five Boykin Spaniels at his side. On Wednesday, they were searching for box turtles on the Saint Louis Zoo’s WildCare Park campus in North St. Louis County.

COVID can leave men infertile ‘causing inflamed testicles and killing sperm’…

A news study has shown that some younger suffers of COVID may suffer from long-term effects of the virus.

Michael Jordan donates $10 million to open new medical clinics in his North Carolina...

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is donating $10 million to launch two medical clinics in underserved communities near his hometown in North Carolina, a regional health care system announced Monday.

Sasha Spielberg May Have Inherited Fame, but She’s Making It All Her Own

The 30-year-old daughter of Steven Spielberg has long been afraid of fame, but is risking it anyway with her debut album, released under the name Buzzy Lee.

The next Superman will be black: New superhero movie will feature black lead, director...

After enlisting Ta-Nehisi Coates to write the latest feature on the superhero, the studio is searching for its director and star as it kick-starts the next phase of its DC universe.

Curtis Crosland was cleared of murder after 34 years by evidence that was in...

Curtis Crosland fought for decades to clear his name. The evidence that finally exonerated him was in the Philadelphia Police Department's and District Attorney's files all along.

A trans woman said she was stopped by airport security after scanners flagged her...

Rosalynne Montoya, a transgender Latinx model and activist, shared her uncomfortable experience going through airport security with her 481,000 TikTok followers.

‘They killed a puppy’ | Officer under investigation after shooting dog

A puppy was killed by a New Orleans police officer Saturday night in the Lower Garden District, the New Orleans Police Department reported.

Do You Know Where Baby Eels Come From? Neither Does Science!

How Eels have sex is still a mystery. Freshwater eels can be found in rivers across Europe, but no one had ever seen them mate and no researcher could find eel eggs or identify their reproductive organs.

Couple lied about kidnapped baby so police would find stolen truck, Arizona cops say

Phoenix police say a couple who reported a baby missing fabricated the story to get their stolen truck back quicker.

Mother of Florida teen charged for fatally stabbing 13-year-old cheerleader, Tristyn Bailey 114 times,...

Crystal Smith, Mother of Aiden Fucci, Arrested and Accused of Tampering with Evidence in Son's Case

‘Dragon Man’: Scientists discover massive skull from new ancient human species that lived 150,000...

Our understanding of human evolution could be 'reshaped' by the identification of a new ancient human that may replace Neanderthals as our closest relative.

Female Japanese Biker Turns Out to be a 50-Year-Old Man, This is How He...

A popular Japanese 'female' motorbike rider managed to fool thousands of social media users after it was revealed that he actually was a 50-year-old man.

Rhinos, camels and bone-crushing dogs once roamed Nebraska

An excavation site at an ancient watering hole reveals these secrets of the past and more.