Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Utah man invites homeless people to live in his front yard

A Utah man invited homeless people to live on his front yard.

‘WandaVision’ star Paul Bettany was told his career was dead right before he was...

Paul Bettany was told by a movie producer that "his career was over" and he was "done in Hollywood". After leaving the meeting he sat down alone on Sunset Blvd on the sidewalk, Joss Whedon called him and asked if he wanted to be Vision in "Age of Ultron".

After sad Mother’s Day 2020, vaccines offer sweet reunions

Many moms, grandmothers and their offspring around the U.S. will be equally thrilled. They were forced to hold off on the physical joys of Mother’s Day last year amid pandemic fears and restrictions. This time around, vaccinations and abiding by post-shot waiting periods have brought more security and comfort to bring on the hugs and kisses for sweet in-person — and indoor — reunions.

Scientology’s secrets spill into open in Danny Masterson rape case

The Church of Scientology works hard to keep its inner workings out of the public eye. It has hired private detectives to keep tabs on straying members, and experts say its lawyers vigorously defend against legal incursions, arguing to judges that Scientology’s beliefs are not courtroom fodder - until Danny Masterson went to court.

Charles Grodin, Star of ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ ‘Midnight Run,’ Dies at 86

Actor Charles Grodin, who charmed audiences with his droll, understated and awkward humor in such films as The Heartbreak Kid, Midnight Run and the Beethoven movies, has died. He was 86.

T.I. and Wife Tiny Accused of Sexual Abuse by 11 Victims, Lawyer Seeks Investigation

The couple has been accused of 'forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation'.


New Zealand is an exciting country in the South Pacific. It offers beautiful beaches, high mountains, amazing scenery and unique animal life. There are many exciting facts about this country that will make you eager to visit New Zealand at the first opportunity.

Manhunt Underway After 6-year-old Boy Is Killed In Road-Rage Freeway Shooting In Orange

A 6-year-old boy died after a shooting Friday morning on the 55 Freeway in Orange that apparently stemmed from a road rage confrontation, the CHP says.

Mom, 35, is beaten to death with a rock by the father of her...

A Massachusetts man has been charged with fatally beating the mother of his young son, bashing her in the head with a rock during a stroll on a Maine beach, court records show.

The next Squad member? MeToo activist and actress Alyssa Milano says she is ‘considering’...

Actress and outspoken MeToo activist Alyssa Milano has revealed that she is considering a run for Congress in a California district that has long been held by Republicans.

Some Hospitals Tell Medical Staffs They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack...

These are tough times to be living in, and sometimes we hear things that don't make sense. This is one of them as it seems some hospital...

Mira Furlan, ‘Lost’ and ‘Babylon 5’ actress, dies at age 65

The Croatian-born actress played Ambassador Delenn on the science fiction TV series “Babylon 5” throughout its five seasons and in two movies.

Kim Kardashian ordered to return ‘stolen’ $750,000 ancient Roman sculpture known as ‘Fragment of...

Kim Kardashian ordered to forfeit smuggled Roman statue Authorities say the influencer bought a statue that was “looted, smuggled, and illegally exported from Italy.”

A Fitness Model Revealed What His Body Really Looks Like Without Instagram Filters

It's not exactly breaking news that Instagram can feel like a fantasyland where every selfie is filtered to perfection. Still, it can be helpful to stop and remind yourself how easy it is for people to manipulate their appearance, especially when they're showing off what might be an unattainable physical ideal.

A Frog, a Banjo, and an Indelible Message: The Beautiful Way Jim Henson Recorded...

This year marks the 42nd-anniversary of The Muppets first big screen adventure, The Muppet Movie. Probably the single most popular part of the classic film, or possibly anything the Muppets have ever done, is its opening, when Kermit the Frog sings "Rainbow Connection" a song that would become an iconic part of Muppet history.