Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Woman with disabilities left strapped to toilet for nearly 8 hours

A woman was left strapped to a toilet seat — in the dark — for nearly eight hours at South Carolina’s Whitten Regional Center, leading to charges against two staffers, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

South Korea’s LG becomes first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market

By Joyce Lee, Heekyong Yang / reuters SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc will wind down its loss-making mobile division after failing to find a...

Ancient coins may solve mystery of murderous 1600s pirate

A handful of coins unearthed from a pick-your-own-fruit orchard in rural Rhode Island and other random corners of New England may help solve one of the planet’s oldest cold cases.

‘SNL’: Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant & Kenan Thompson Spark Exit...

Every season finale of NBC’s Saturday Night Live brings anxiety to fans that some of their long-time favorites may be leaving. Tonight’s Season 46 closer left many viewers convinced that we may have seen the last of a number of long-time cast members.

ARIZONA: Father of 7 delayed a doctor’s visit out of concern for COVID-19. Now...

A Phoenix father of 7 delayed a doctor's visit out of concern for COVID-19. Now his wife is planning his funeral.

CALIFORNIA: Lamborghini driver, 17, is FINALLY charged for killing secretary, 32, two months ago...

Lamborghini driver, 17, whose dad bought him $500k supercar for birthday arrested as woman killed in high-speed crash

Wildlife hospital rescuers SHOCKED that the EXOTIC-LOOKING BRIGHT ORANGE bird they saved was actually...

An exotic-looking bright orange bird was rescued by a wildlife hospital after people saw him on the side of a highway.

Married Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill drops out of Senate seat race after...

Confronted with leaked phone call, Alabama Republican John Merrill admits to affair, drops Senate bid

Dead Whale, Reportedly ‘One of the Largest’ Ever Discovered, Found Off the Coast of...

By Eric Todisco / A massive dead finback whale that washed up off the coast of southern Italy last week has been identified as...

3 Florida Women Arrested, 1 Still Missing After Being Filmed Attacking Popeye’s Employee via...

Three Florida women have been arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for an attack in which a Popeyes employee was hit multiple times via the drive-thru window. All three suspects—Brianna Toombs, age 19; Chloe Arieigha Hernandez, 21; and Joanna Ceidi, 19—hail from West Palm Beach.

Dinosaur-killing asteroid strike gave rise to Amazon rainforest

The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs gave birth to our planet's tropical rainforests, a study suggests.

Venomous people could become a reality, scientists say

‘It definitely gives a whole new meaning to a toxic person’

You’ve got an officer with a family who went to work this morning thinking...

A police officer who was one of three people killed in a shooting at a suburban Denver shopping district was ambushed by a suspect who expressed hatred toward police, authorities said Tuesday.

A Los Angeles dentist has charged with sexual assaults on patients

A Los Angeles dentist has been charged with sexually abusing nine women while they were undergoing procedures.

A Doctor In Florida Who Died Of COVID-19 Left His Family A Baseball Card...

For over 40 years, Florida neurologist Dr. Thomas Newman carefully curated an extensive collection of baseball cards, with some dating back to the 1880s.