Saturday, August 13, 2022

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A Los Angeles dentist has charged with sexual assaults on patients

A Los Angeles dentist has been charged with sexually abusing nine women while they were undergoing procedures.

Chris Rock Tells the Heartbreaking Story of the Last Time He Saw Chris Farley

“I leave, I see him out the window, and I was like, ‘That’s probably the last time I’m going to see him.’ I knew.”

Houston Tumlin, ‘Talladega Nights’ Star, Died by Suicide at 28: Child star who played...

Houston Tumlin, ‘Talladega Nights’ Star, Died by Suicide at 28: Child star who played Will Ferrell's son 'found at home after self-inflicted gunshot wound'

Here is a list of 25 Horrifying Facts That Will Absolutely Creep You Out.

Reality is often stranger than fiction. Every once in a while we get a glimpse of just how chilling our world can be…and that blood-curdling truth hits harder than almost anything. Here are 25 scary facts guaranteed to inspire your next nightmare.

Iceland has been hit by 18,000 earthquakes in just over a week, and a...

Most of us already know that there are certain areas of the world more prone to earthquakes than others, and that residents of those places such as Southern California, Indonesia and parts of China, are pretty used to it at this point. One such area that’s accustomed to the occasional tremor is the small island nation of Iceland.

Cause of Death Found for over 300 Elephants that died in Botswana

The mysterious reason for the deaths of around 330 Elephants that died in Botswana has been finally found. According to several news sources, the cause...

Cat allegedly stolen by Uber Eats driver located, reunited with its owner

A cat that was allegedly stolen by an Uber Eats driver has been found and was reunited with its family on Thursday morning.

Dallas mother arrested after stabbing of her daughter 30 over times

Madison Petry died after being stabbed on Thursday. Troyshaye Mone Hall, 23, faces a capital murder charge in her daughter's slaying, as well as a charge of aggravated assault in the stabbing of a 16-year-old boy.

Honduran president’s brother sentenced to life in prison in U.S. for drug trafficking

This Tuesday, a United States federal judge sentenced Juan Antonio Hernández, former Honduran congressman and brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, to life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Video: Off-duty bouncer grabs man after failed robbery in Dorchester

After a man who attempted to rob a Dorchester convenience store, an off-duty bouncer grabbed him until police arrived, officials said.

Tina Turner’s health battles from cancer to PTSD amid life of abuse as she...

By Nika Shakhnazarova / newsbreak Though she's enjoyed a glittering career on stage, Tina Turner 's personal life has been plagued by ill health. The What's Love...

Florida boy, 7, swims 1 hour to shore to get help for family after...

Brave 7-year-old 7-year-old boy swam for an hour, finally getting to shore and ultimately saving his family.

Missouri man heartbroken over breakup tried to buy chemical weapon with Bitcoin on dark...

A Missouri man who used the cryptocurrency bitcoin to try to buy a highly lethal chemical weapon that could kill 300 people told the would-be seller “I plan to use it soon,” federal authorities said Tuesday.

‘Glamorous’ ex-girlfriend of an assassinated Mexican drug cartel leader who CONSTANTLY flaunted her lavish...

Paulina Arreola Perez, apparently thought she was going to meet a shoe vendor when she was riddled with bullets by gunmen on a motorcycle

“Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Incredible Transformations (15 PICS)

If you’ve had a hard time liking yourself in your teens and early twenties, you can still end up full of confidence and love for how you look later on in life.