Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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The Little Mermaid’s Samuel E. Wright dies: Voice of Sebastian who sang Disney favorite...

Samuel E. Wright, the voice actor who played Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, has died at 74.

A California man vanished 42 years ago on road trip. His remains were just...

Investigators have identified the skeletal human remains found Jan. 8 in a wilderness area southeast of Molalla, Oregon.

Gunman opens fire at Florida supermarket killing grandmother and her one-year-old grandson: Killer had...

His ex-wife's sister said they tried to get him help, but to no avail. Then on Thursday, he shot a woman, her 1-year-old grandson and then himself.

How a 13-Year-Old Made His $25 Billion Empire from Selling Soda

The Marriott is the world's largest hotel chain. But before it became a living example of the American dream, it was a failing A&W root beer stand.

Group of women are driven out of California hotel pool by crowd chanting ‘SHAME!’...

A Sacramento hotel was the scene of a homophobic incident when a group of people witnessed two women kissing and flipped out.

Kmart shoppers lose it over ‘vagina-looking’ comfort pants

Kmart shoppers have been left in hysterics after a pair of comfort pants sold by the popular department store went viral online, as some people pointed out the color and loose fabric made them look a little awkward.

2 Tennessee college students charged with stealing $114,000 from student groups

Mohamed Gure and Mohamed Osman are accused of stealing student activity fees while the heads of two Middle Tennessee State University student organizations.

Fort Bliss soldier, 31, is shot dead ‘by his 13-year-old stepson with his own...

A Texas boy responsible for killing his stepfather with his own gun witnessed the man assault his mother earlier in the day while they were away from house, police say.

Man caught with pipe-bombs also carried a ‘White Privilege’ credit card

Ian Rodgers of Napa County was arrested after authorities found more than 50 weapons including sniper rifles and semi-automatic guns, plus 15,000 rounds of ammunition, gunpowder, explosives, and five pipe bombs at his home and business.

‘I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest’: Carl Nassib of...

NFL star Carl Nassib has become the first professional player to come out as gay.

Great apes at San Diego Zoo become first non-humans to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Several orangutans and bonobos at the San Diego Zoo have received an experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed specifically for animals. They mark the first known non-human primates to get the shot.

The Terrifying Danger Of Wearing Makeup In North Korea

The North Korean millennials wearing makeup to rebel against the state.

The couples accused of destroying Japan’s families

Japan is thought to be the only advanced economy to stop couples holding separate surnames after marriage - through a law that explicitly discriminates against women, according to a UN committee.

Mauna Loa, The World’s Biggest Volcano, Is Waking Up And It’s Time To Prep...

Scientists monitoring the unsettled geological activity on Hawaii’s biggest island say that while an eruption of the volcano that dominates the landscape isn’t yet imminent, Mauna Loa’s long nap may be coming to an end.

In retaliation for anti-Asian hate crimes; An Asian man kidnapped and attempted to sexually...

An Asian man accused of kidnapping and attempting to sexually assault an Asian woman because he thought she was white has been arrested and charged in Irvine, California.