Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Cowabunga! More than 800 turtles rescued from storm drains

Hundreds of diamondback terrapin hatchlings have been rescued from subterranean storm drains along New Jersey's shoreline.

Judge drops murder charges against Montana woman, 38, who shot dead her ex-husband after...

A Montana woman who shot and killed her ex-husband after she claimed he tried to rape her has had the murder charges against her dropped, putting a definitive end to a roughly two-decade cycle of abuse she suffered at his hands.

‘Property Brothers’ show’s production company sued after homeowners claim they were duped

A Las Vegas couple was so disappointed by their experience with the HGTV show "Property Brothers" that they've filed a lawsuit, alleging that the work on their home was shoddy.

How modern life is making men infertile

A new study reveals how an alarming decline in sperm quality and numbers could threaten the future of the human race.

A 20-year-old college student that blamed masked intruder has been charged with killing his...

A 20-year-old college student charged with killing his parents and younger sister in their family home in Iowa

Meet The Silver Men – Indonesia’s Silver-Painted Beggars

Known as Manusia Silver or “Silver Men,” they are a special type of beggar inspired by the street performers who used metallic paint to transform themselves into living statues and wow passers-by with their doll-like movements.

Woman, 33, is sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering her 31-year-old sister’s...

A North Carolina woman has been sentenced to the maximum 40 years in prison for murdering her younger sister's boyfriend so that the sibling could marry their father as part of a twisted torture and incest plot.

‘What any good human would do’: Louisiana man helped save infant abandoned along highway

23-yr old Louisiana man's quick thinking saved a baby being dropped off on the median of a highway.

Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle

Jamaica currently has a Marijuana shortage...

‘Star Trek’ and ‘The Twilight Zone,’ actress, Joanne Linville has died at 93

Joanne Linville, a character actress who had memorable guest-starring turns on episodes of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone in the 1960s, died Sunday in Los Angeles, CAA announced. She was 93.

The next Squad member? MeToo activist and actress Alyssa Milano says she is ‘considering’...

Actress and outspoken MeToo activist Alyssa Milano has revealed that she is considering a run for Congress in a California district that has long been held by Republicans.

North Korean hackers stole more than $300 million to pay for nuclear weapons, says...

North Korea's army of hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars throughout much of 2020 to fund the country's nuclear and ballistic missile programs in violation of international law, according to a confidential United Nations report.

Customers are boycotting Trader Joe’s after the chain fired an employee who asked the...

People are calling for a boycott on Trader Joe's after one of its employees was fired for writing to corporate about wanting more stricter pandemic guidelines inside store.

WWII Veteran’s Postcard Is Finally Delivered to His Family 77 Years Later: ‘It’s a...

In 1943, Bill Caldwell, then 18, wrote to his uncle Fred about his first week in England's Royal Navy. Now, Caldwell's six children get to read it.

Neighbor who tossed an elderly Jewish woman off a balcony while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’...

From the little I've seen reported on it, I have no idea how the French authorities reached their decision. I know even less about #SarahHalimi which saddens me since she's the innocent victim being let down by the system.